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What is vasectomy? A vasectomy (male sterilization) is a form of contraception that involves surgically cutting or blocking the vas deferens that transport sperm from the epididymis to the urethra. As a result, any semen that is ejaculated during sex does not contain sperm - which is needed to fertilize a woman's egg. A vasectomy is considered […]

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What is varicocele? Varicocele is the presence of varicose or dilated veins in the scrotum. About 15 percent of men have this disorder. Even though for some men it does not cause any problems, almost 40 percent of infertile men have varicocele. Given that it increases the temperature of the testicles, varicocele con affect fertility […]

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What is teratozoospermia? Teratozoospermia or teratospermia is an increase of abnormal sperm in a man's sperm. It is diagnosed when sperm with anomalous morphology exceed 85 percent and it causes infertility because most of the abnormal sperm are incapable of moving towards the egg and penetrating it. Causes of teratozoospermia Although the exact causes of […]

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Seminal infections

What are seminal tract infections? Seminal tracts are ducts through which sperm move from the testicles to the outside part of the body. If an infectious process exists at any point along this route, sperm are forced to cross the infected area which can damage them and affect their ability to fertilize the egg. Seminal […]

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Erectile Dysfunction

What is erectile dysfunction? Erectile dysfunction is defined as the man's repeated incapacity to obtain or maintain an erection. Although all men experience sporadic problems to maintain an erection, they are only considered as erectile dysfunction when it occurs in 25 percent of attempts. Erectile dysfunction affects around 152 million men in the world and […]

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Diabetes Mellitus

What is diabetes mellitus? Diabetes mellitus is a condition in which the body does not produce sufficient insulin or does not use it properly. Insulin is a hormone necessary to transform sugar, starch and other foods into the energy we need for our everyday life. According to World Health Organization data, diabetes mellitus affects 200 […]

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Azoospermia and fertility

What is azoospermia? Azoospermia is the absence of sperm in a man’s semen. Between 10 and 15 percent of men with fertility problems present this disorder. This condition is classified as: Obstructive azoospermia .- In 40 percent of azoospermic patients, sperm is produced  by the testicles, but cannot mix with the rest of the ejaculatory fluid due to […]

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What is asthenozoospermia? Asthenozoospermia or asthenospermia is the decrease in the motility of the man's sperm. According to the World Health Organization, it is diagnosed when the number of motile sperm with displacement is lower than 50 percent or when the number of motile sperm in a straight line and a velocity of 25 µm/sec […]

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What is anejaculation? Anejaculation is the absence of ejaculation and is classified as: •    Situational anejaculation .- The man ejaculates normally in some situations but not in others •    Total anejaculation .- The man is incapable of ejaculating while he is awake •    In total anorganismic anejaculation, the man does not ejaculate because he cannot […]

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