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Who is the Initial program for?

Before deciding that you need an artificial insemination it is important to know the causes that are preventing you from becoming a mother. With our Initial program we can find out why you have not been able to have a baby, and you will get a proposal for a personalised plan to achieve it.
The Initial program is for all women who have been trying for 6 months or more to have a baby and have not been successful.
It was also created for women who are so far determined to live their motherhood.
It is a program for women who know that the impossible does not exist and that solutions are sought until they are found, for those who do not give up and are willing to do their best to become mothers.
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Our Initial program is the key step that will bring you closer to that great dream: your baby. With it, you and the specialists in Reproduction will be able to choose the ideal treatment with which you will achieve the result you are waiting for.

What does the Initial program include?

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