"I become mom on my 3rd IVF cycle after recurrent miscarriages"

by Instituto Ingenes 02/05/22

Maite lost a baby at 5 weeks gestation and subsequently had recurrent miscarriages. She tells you her story and how after a first cycle of In Vitro Fertilization, her fertility specialists detected that an autoimmune disease was causing her pregnancies not to go to term.

"I was able to get pregnant, but I couldn't keep them because I have an autoimmune disease"

"I had an autoimmune disease, APS (Antiphospholipid Syndrome), and that caused me to have recurrent miscarriages over the years. Within 3 months of my husband and I getting married, I got pregnant, but lost my baby at 5 weeks.

Maite and her daughters on the day of her birth - Ingenes mom

It was very painful, more than you can imagine, and in every way, physically, mentally and emotionally. We had to allow some time to recover from it. My husband and I travelled and tried to clear our heads, but it wasn't until after 2 years that I spoke to the Institute.

Here, I underwent a series of tests and initially they did not find any issues that would prevent me from getting pregnant, nor anything to do with my husband.

With my 1st IVF we discovered the reason for my recurrent miscarriages

I had my first cycle of In Vitro Fertilization, and in the first one I dropped! Then we went for our check-up, but there was no heartbeat and I had to have a curettage.

When that happened, my doctors went through everything we had done in that attempt, from start to finish, and after a while we figured it all out. It turns out that I had no problem getting pregnant, but the reason I was losing my babies was that I had APS.

I was given special medication to control this issue that was causing my recurrent miscarriages, along with the other hormonal medications for my new IVF cycle. We made several adjustments along the way and arrived at my 3rd IVF, where I had 3 embryos placed.

We arrived with a lot of fear at my first echo, but we saw 2 little bags, we heard 2 heartbeats and it was incredible, we felt so much emotion, although I was afraid if I could have the physical capacity for those two beings to develop inside me.

I went for my pregnancy test and the doctor said it was positive, but my beta was so high that it was probably 2 babies!

You can do this, and much more!

Maite and her husband with their two daughters - Ingenes family

Then I thought that if life had sent me 2 little people it was because I could do it. My pregnancy was complicated at the beginning, I had to be on bed rest because I had some bleeding, but from the 4th month I managed to enjoy my pregnancy to the fullest, it was wonderful to feel them growing inside me! I wanted everyone to see my belly.

We made it to 36 weeks, at which point my babies weighed over 2 kilos and I was scheduled for the day of their birth. Isabela and Victoria came into this world on September 12, 2019, which was awesome! My husband was so excited.

To all women who are going through the same thing, if they have had recurrent miscarriages and do not know the reason, I would tell them not to give up, that the dream of becoming a mother can be achieved, you have to believe in it and fight with all your strength.

Isabela and Victoria on their first birthday - Ingenes babies

I know that you are going to find a lot of stones in the way and that sometimes it seems like that's all it is, but you have to get up, you have to find a way and do it, and believe me you will make it. And when you become a mum it will be the most wonderful thing in the world.

I wouldn't trade my girls for anything, the affection I have for them is an indescribable love. I want to say to them, to my Isabela and my Victoria, that I thank you for choosing me as a mother, thank you for listening to my plea for them to come home, they are precious and we love them with all our hearts, we waited so long for you and you are the most special thing in the world, perhaps it took us so long because this is the only way you could be perfect, and you are. You are everything to us.

Isabela and Victoria looking at their mom - Ingenes babies

Have you had recurrent miscarriages and still can't become a mother?

A miscarriage is the loss of a pregnancy before 20 weeks gestation; however, when it occurs two or more times in a row, it is known as gestational loss or recurrent miscarriages.

If this is your case, we want to tell you that there are different causes that may be causing it, such as foetal problems, hormonal or immunological disorders, so it is important that you see fertility specialists who can determine the specific reason for these losses.

We know that in this journey, losing a baby is the hardest thing you could ever experience; but we want you to know that there are always alternatives.

Come with us and tell us what you've been through, so we can map out a specific treatment that will lead you to finish your pregnancy and have your baby at home.


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