Comprehensive Fertility Program by Ingenes: Bajando Estrellas del Cielo (BEC)

At Ingenes we are aware of the effort involved in assisted reproduction treatments, so we strive to facilitate a process with the least physical, economical and emotional stress to our patients. Our comprehensive Bajando Estrellas del Cielo (BEC) fertility program is created to do exactly that, while offering a greater chance to achieve your dream of having a baby at home. Also, with our BEC Plus modality, we reaffirm our compromise to you by helping you have your baby or giving you back your money if we are unable to do so*.

To achieve a pregnancy the conjunction of multiple factors is required, so it is sometimes necessary to perform two or more cycles before you can have a baby at home. With our BEC programs, patients with infertility problems can have a baby at home up to three times faster than in natural conditions, reaching a success rate of up to 96%.

Naturally, a healthy 20-to-30-year-old couple trying to have a baby has a 17 percent chance to achieve a pregnancy with each menstrual cycle. Only after 12 natural cycles the cumulative probabilities can reach 90 percent.

Probabilidad de tener un bebe entre mayores de 30 años sin antecedentes de infertilidad

*Source World Medical Publications Database (PUBMED)

On the other hand, only 12 out of every 100 women over the age of 30 achieve a pregnancy in their first natural cycle, and these possibilities are reduced as time goes by; for when they reach their 12th cycle, only 77% achieve their goal.

Probabilidad de tener un bebe mujeres mayores de 30

*Source World Medical Publications Database (PUBMED)

Our mission is to fulfill your dream. With Ingenes’ BEC Programs, couples with infertility problems can have a baby up to threes times faster, with a success rate of up to 96%.

Statistically speaking, an IVF cycle at Ingenes has a three times higher chance of achieving a pregnancy.

In order to safeguard your success, Ingenes is offering you ONE CYCLE and up to two or three safeguards to ensure you achieve your dream. That is, you will have three to four opportunities to achieve your goal.

We are committed to you. Therefore, any acquired BEC Program concludes only when either of the following criteria is met:

  • 72 HOURS after your baby is born
  • After all your acquired CYCLES have been performed

In addition, with our BEC Plus modality, we reaffirm our compromise to you by helping you have your baby or giving you back your money if we are unable to do so*.

Therefore, our compromise to you is a detailed treatments plan by one of our experienced specialists as well as a comprehensive preparation so you can concentrate on your positive emotions to achieve your dream. Our commitment is not only to offer you a treatment, but also to help you have your baby by a means of a correct and timely diagnosis.

*Some conditions may apply. The reimbursement rate varies depending on the acquired BEC program and applies once all contracted cycles have been used. Enquire about our Bajando Estrellas del Cielo (BEC) Plus program and learn about its benefits. The BEC and BEC Plus programs do not include the medication used in them.

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Por: 2019

Ingenes es el Instituto de Fertilidad y Genética líder en salud reproductiva con las tasas de éxito más altas de Latinoamérica



Es momento de cumplir tu sueño de tener a tu bebé en casa

El primer paso para lograrlo es acudir a tu Programa Diagnóstico el cual incluye valoración médica por uno de nuestros especialistas, estudios clínicos para ti y tu pareja, y apoyo emocional con uno de nuestros terapeutas.

En Ingenes logramos que 9 de cada 10 parejas regresen con su bebé a casa. Con nuestros Programas BEC Plus, en caso de no lograrlo te devolvemos tu dinero*

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