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Medical tourism is booming in México. In terms of Medical Tourism Costs Index, México ranked mostly due to having plenty of options and achieving economies of scale, thus making the cost of healthcare cheaper.

Mexico City
Mexico City

As health-care costs grow in the U.S., more and more Americans are crossing the border to seek out medical care. On the other hand, private hospitals and clinics have been investing in newer technology. As México continues to capitalize on its closeness to the U.S. market, the destination maintains a cost advantage when paired with its cheap labor market.

There are hundreds of patients who travel from the United States and Canada to México every year. Many of them have medical insurance that doesn’t cover surgery in the U.S., or, in the case of Assisted Reproduction interests, they don’t have insurance at all and it’s too expensive to pay for the treatment out of pocket.

México is among the top medical destinations for Americans because of its proximity and affordable medical costs. The Medical Tourism Index ranks México 29th in the world for its volume of medical travelers.


Why Ingenes México?

We are delighted to receive international patients. Patients from different countries have entrusted Instituto Ingenes with their dream of becoming parents due to our:

  • Treatment plans tailored to the needs of each patient
  • Results and success rates
  • Research programs
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Comprehensive medical and emotional patient-care
  • Quality controls in all processes

Our International Department, conformed by English and Spanish speakers will advise you and provide you with all the information you need.