Patient Stories

“Our little girl was born this past September, full-term and healthy.  She is now four months old and doing great. We greatly appreciate you, as well as Dr. Casas and Ingenes staff for your help in making our dreams come true. Please let Dr. Casas know of our wonderful news and share our gratitude with him. Thanks again. Dona”

-Dona, San Antonio, Tx, USA (Guadalajara Center)

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"We flew to Monterrey and started our In Vitro treatment. We succeed at the first of four cycles! We got two little stars, and moreover, we decided to go over Preservation so we could come back for a little brother or sister in the future."

-Aurora Gonzalez, Kansas City , Mo, USA (Monterrey Center)

“I am very happy to finally have a baby because it took many years trying, and today I have it here and it is hard to believe, but I am very happy.”

-Ana Lilia, (Monterrey City Center)

“Thank you very much Ingenes for making my dream come true. Thanks to Dr. Arely and Dr. Roxana. Keep the success going, thank you very much.”

-Nancy, (Monterrey City Center)

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"We were very sad and along with my husband we decided not to keep trying any longer. One of my friends told me about Ingenes, honestly, we thought it was going to be a waste of time and money. Finally we called for an appointment. (...) We came back home and decided to give a chance to this new oportunity with Ingenes and honestly... it was the very best decision! I got pregnant at the first try, and we got a beautiful baby girl, Camila Yaritza,

-Yadira, Albuquerque, USA  (Monterrey City Center)

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"After 15 years looking for a baby, my two great champs arrived: Juan Pablo and Pedro Ulises. When people ask about treatment cost, I just answer that I am the happiest father in the world and what I paid is not compared at all with the happiness and blessing of having my two start at home. Thank you Ingenes"

-Ulises (Guadalajara Center)

"My children arrived on April 2017, Lua and Fernando are now six months and are the best that had happend to my life, they are the  beginning and end of everything. They arrived at the very precise and exact timing."

-Adriana (Mexico City Center)

"That is how I got my dream to come true. I was able to catch a star from the sky, with Ingenes. My beautiful Bruno was born on March 2015, I was 41 years old. My eternal gratitude. Thank you , thank you so much Ingenes!"

-Zyndi (Mexico City Center)