Travel Details

Before You Travel to Mexico

There are several aspects to consider before you travel. Here are some resources to help you get your trip planned and figure out what you need, where you should go and what you should do, to help make your experience in Mexico a success.

How much time you should consider in a visit to our center?

We will make this experience a success for you. In order to make your stay with us as pleasant as possible and avoid a prolonged stay at the clinic, you should consider at least five days available to visit any of our centers.

Depending on the treatment, patients must attend the center. The range of stay can vary, between five days, 10 days, and up to 20 days.

Some treatments, such as ovarian stimulation, can be carried out remotely. Patients can attend one of the centers only for the ovarian puncture process.

In case of having an embryo transfer, at least 15 days may be considered, and if you have acquired any of the additional services such as PGT-A, you should consider up to 20 days.

We will keep in touch with you by e-mail and mobile to discuss the progress of your treatment and to answer any queries that may arise.

Passports, Travel Documents and Entry Requirements

Early in your travel planning, you should make sure you have all the necessary documents to travel to Mexico. Passports can take a few months to process so make sure you apply far enough in advance. You probably won’t need to apply in advance for a visa: when you enter the country you will be given a tourist card.

When traveling to Mexico, U.S. citizens, Canadians, and other foreign visitors should check what identification and travel documents are valid and necessary. If you are traveling to Mexico with children, there are some special requirements you may need to complete before you book your trip.

U.S. Citizens


A passport is hands-down the best form of identification and proof of citizenship. It is highly recommended that you get a passport to travel to Mexico. If you’ll be entering the country by air, it’s necessary.

If for some reason you are unable to get a passport or do not want to, you will need one of the following documents in order to travel to Mexico by land or sea. These documents are acceptable travel documents for all United States citizens.

Passport card

Issued by the U.S. Department of State, this passport substitute is credit-card sized and valid for entry into Mexico by land or sea. The passport card is not accepted for air travel. A passport card also costs less than a passport, however, a passport is more useful overall, especially if you plan on traveling outside of North America.

Enhanced Drivers License

Enhanced Drivers Licenses are proof of citizenship and identity. These special drivers licenses are valid for travel to Mexico by land or sea but are not valid for air travel.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are only available in some states, including Michigan, New York, Vermont, and Washington. You will need to research your individual state licensing department for specific details.


The SENTRI Card is issued by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection to pre-approved travelers who cross the U.S./Mexico border frequently. It has the added benefit of access to dedicated commuter lanes for crossing the border. The card is valid for five years.

U.S. Permanent Residents

For permanent residents of the United States, the I-551 Permanent Resident card is required for return to the U.S. For entry into Mexico, you will need to present a passport, and depending on your country of citizenship, possibly a visa as well.

Canadian Citizens

Mexico is the second most popular tourist destination for Canadian travelers. Since 2010, a new requirement was put into place which states that a passport is required for Canadian citizens traveling to Mexico.

Citizens of Other Countries

A passport is necessary, and in some cases, a visa is also required for citizens outside of the U.S. Contact the Mexican embassy or consulate nearest you for more information about the requirements specific to your situation.