Carmen Acosta

Psychotherapist in Reproduction, Universidad Antropológica De Guadalajara

Professional ID: 7620963

Ingenes Guadalajara

She studied Psychology at the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of the West; she is firmly convinced of the connection that exists between the mind, the body and the soul. That is why she decides to pursue a Master's Degree in Bioenergy and Human Development at the Anthropological University of Guadalajara; train in life coaching, body awareness as a couple, among others.

She has more than 15 years of experience in the area of ​​humanities as well as in psychotherapy and psycho-corporality. In the same way, Carmen has dedicated herself to teaching both the degree in Psychology and in Education Sciences. She has given workshops and conferences related to body awareness and human potential. Her commitment is to share knowledge and experiences, both with her coworkers and with the people who attend the Institute.

In her spare time she likes to go to the movies, to the sea, to be with her partner and to go out with her friends. She is enthusiastic about interior design. She likes to exercise, take care of her diet, take image and makeup courses as part of her personal and recreational development.


Psychotherapist in Reproduction ID: 7620963
Universidad Antropológica De Guadalajara

  • Professional ID 7620963