Dr. Catherine González

Specialization in Human Reproduction Biology, Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México

Professional ID: 8129477

Ingenes Puebla

Dr. Catherine is originally from Colombia where she studied medicine: in Mexico she specialized in Reproductive Biology, with Honorable Mention at the National Institute of Perinatology.

Keeping up to date with changes and innovation has led her to participate in research projects, congresses and publications, an example of that is the book Selected Topics in Molecular Endocrinology.

The feeling of sharing life experiences and knowledge is what has motivated her to work on fertility issues, because helping couples to procreate is one of her most important passions. For Dr. Catherine, the family is the fundamental element in society and that is why she enjoys her work within Ingenes.

Her empathic and very committed personality has contributed in an important way to teamwork in favor of our most important mission: bringing little stars home. Her colleagues consider her responsible, friendly, sincere and very perfectionist.


Human Reproduction Biology ID: 8129477
Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México

  • Professional ID 8129477