Dr. Claudia Castillo

Human Reproduction Biology, Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México

Professional ID 8693147

Ingenes Mexico City

Dr. Claudia Castillo is part of the Ingenes specialists. Originally from Nicaragua, she specialized in Human Reproduction Biology with honorable mention from the National Medical Center November 20, also has a degree in Clinical Andrology made at the INPER.

Dr. Claudia's commitment is to offer the best strategy to support couples who yearn to have a baby. Her greatest satisfaction is to communicate the news that you will have a baby. Her co-workers and colleagues consider her dedicated, honest and responsible.

For her, the family is the fundamental nucleus of human beings. She is the mother of two children and always seeks coexistence, emotional stability and learning: “I enjoy seeing my children grow, they are the engine that drives me to move forward and overcome the challenges that are presented to me.”

Dr. Claudia is fully convinced of her vocation, "it is fascinating that thanks to medicine we generate life not only by applying scientific advances, but also love, essential to fulfill many dreams."


Human Reproduction Biology ID: 8693147
Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México

  • Professional ID 8693147