Dr. Karla Santiago

Human Reproduction Biology, Instituto Politécnico Nacional

Professional ID 5517392

Ingenes Mexico City

For Dr. Karla Santiago, it is very important to convey to her patients the confidence and assurance that everything necessary will be done to fulfill their dream of having a baby at home. In addition, she thinks that people who go to Ingenes always get a relationship beyond Doctor-Patient. Therefore, it is essential to provide care with great human quality, understanding patients who have experienced complicated circumstances.

When Dr. Karla manages to fulfill her patients' dream, she feels a great satisfaction that fills her with wonderful emotions: "The most important thing is to never give up a goal in life."

What she enjoys the most in life is to share her days with her family and friends, and learn daily from the people around her. The family is her impulse to move forward. In particular, she feels that her brothers are her strength to grow. In her spare time she enjoys hanging out with friends, getting to know places, going to the movies and reading thrillers and drama.


Human Reproduction Biology ID: 5517392
Instituto Politécnico Nacional

  • Professional ID 5517392