Dr. Sara Jacobo

Specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics, Universidad La Salle

Professional ID: 8219451

Ingenes Puebla

Borned in Puerto Escondido, Jalisco, Dr. Sara Jacobo trained as a Gynecologist in La Salle and completed her specialty in Reproductive Biology at the Autonomous University of Mexico.

One of the things she loves the most about her work, is to witness the surprise and full happiness on the face of her patients when they have in their arms the baby they dreamed so much.

For the doctor, the most important thing is to work providing professionalism and honesty to each patient, with the confidence, security and human warmth necessary to start an Assisted Reproduction process.

Although she has no children, she shares this experience with her patients as if they were her own.

Personally, she enjoys being in touch with nature, her favorite place is the beach and she treasures the moments when she enjoys the company of her friends and family.


Gynecology and Obstetrics ID: 8219451
Universidad La Salle

  • Professional ID 8219451