Dra. Patricia Lemini Camarillo

Human Reproduction Biology, Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León

Professional ID: 10039447

Ingenes Tijuana

Dr. Patricia Lemini Camarillo studied Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Autonomous University of Saltillo Coahuila, in addition to having a specialty in Reproductive Biology from the Autonomous University of Nuevo León. Motivated since childhood by her parents, who are for her an inspiration that accompanies her during her professional development, her passion and fascination with the process of life have led her to want to leave a mark in the field of fertility. She is responsible, committed, positive, open to change and smiling towards life.

“I love how the process of life is, how two cells can create life; create a human being ”- Patricia Lemini Camarillo.

She has always been interested in research and seeks to consolidate herself as a doctor in assisted reproduction. She finds inspiration in reading and in her constant bike rides, which keep her in touch with nature and allow her to understand the biological processes of existence. Currently, Patricia Lemini is in the Ingenes Monterrey branch serving the role of Biologist in Reproduction to bring thousand of little stars at home.


Human Reproduction Biology ID: 10039447
Universidad Autónoma De Nuevo León

  • Professional ID 10039447