Jeimy Pedraza

Biology, Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

Professional ID 7443471

Ingenes Mexico City

“Help others is my engine to keep going.”

Despite her youth, the Biologist Jeimy Pedraza has 12 years of experience in the area of ​​Assisted Reproduction. She considers that this field of Biology has great potential for medical research and technological development; because of the above, she loves her job, because the opportunities to make contributions are wide. She has participated in several research projects in Assisted Reproduction and in the innovation of techniques to achieve better results.

Biologist Jeimy Pedraza is originally from Colombia and although her family is far away, she considers them the most important pillar in the formation of an individual. She likes to help her patients in the project of being parents because she ensures that all people have the need and the right to experience paternity. Knowing that she contributes to make people happy and see that despite the difficulties her patients manage to fulfill their dreams, it gives her energy to continue her work day by day.


 Biology ID: 7443471
Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana

  • Professional ID 7443471