Ingenes Mérida Center

As Mexico’s largest fertility center,  Instituto Ingenes offers Mérida patients access to the most advanced fertility treatment options available.

Our center is conveniently located at the Altabrisa area, the most exclusive area of ​​the Mérida City and near important real estate developments.

The center of approximately 600 square meters, offers warm and cozy facilities to make your experience pleasant and exclusive. The clinic has fully equipped facilities including an operating room, a reception area, a waiting room, medical consultation rooms, In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and andrology laboratories, and private recovery rooms, amongst others. The team includes 23 multidisciplinary experts.

Open since: 2017

IVF Cycles per month: 60

Customer service hour:

Monday to Friday: 08:30 – 16:30

Saturday:       08:00 – 15:00

Address: Luxus Altabrisa Business Center 20 Street No. 235, 8th Floor, Altabrisa, 97130 Mérida, Yucatán.

Chichén Itzá

Discover Mérida

The vibrant capital of Yucatán state, Mérida is a colonial city replete with elegant buildings that were once the city homes of wealthy hacienda owners. Now boasting a burgeoning art scene, boutique hotels and fine cuisine, Mérida is consistently voted as one of the nicest cities in México.

Travel Highlights

Merida’s downtown, Paseo Montejo & Barrio de Santiago

Explore this thriving and historic Yucatán City. Discover its colonial architecture, churches and monuments and enjoy a Calesa tour ride.

Emulating the Champs Elysees in Paris, the famous Paseo de Montejo is lined with historic colonial mansions that have been converted into restaurants, bar, boutique hotels, galleries, shops and museums.

One of the oldest neighborhoods in Mérida which is anchored by the Santiago Church is a must. The church’s construction in the 17th century helped the urbanization of what had previously been a Maya village. Also worth checking out is the Santiago Market and Park.

Paseo Montejo

Mayan Archaeological Zones

Home to some of the most finely restored Mayan cities in world, the Yucatán Peninsula also contains ruins still covered in dense jungle, waiting to reveal new hidden mysteries. Those unearthed offer a glimpse into the ancient Mayan world as you walk in the footsteps of civilizations past.

Meet the splendor of Yucatan Haciendas

Scattered throughout the Yucatán Peninsula, haciendas offer a glimpse of what were once operational henequen plantations in the grand style and tradition of the period. Many have now converted into living museums and luxury hotels.



Take a tour to the Mexican Magical town of Izamal where you will be able to admire the Franciscan monastery and explore the mysterious Yellow City know.