Fertility Preservation

Is egg freezing for you?

The decision about the birth of the first child has changed over time due to the fact that women are putting their personal, professional and economic development before becoming mothers.

Postpone motherhood to achieve professional goals

The preservation of fertility is a good option for those women who seek not only to postpone their decision to be mothers, but also to have a greater probability of having a healthy baby, since when the age of the woman increases, there are greater chromosomal r problems due to the loss of the quality of the ovules.

Women with endometriosis

Egg freezing is indicated for women who have endometriosis or ovarian problems to increase the chance of having babies with their own eggs.

Cancer patients

The fertility of women diagnosed with cancer can be affected by chemotherapy, radiotherapy or surgery due to cancer diagnoses.

Ingenes gives you the option of preserving your eggs before starting a cancer treatment so that you have a better chance of having a baby in the future.

Our experience with egg freezing

Ingenes has been freezing eggs using vitrification technology since 2005, performing thousands of cycles each year, giving us substantial experience with the process.