Women with no Male Partner

Treatment with donor sperm
For those women with no male partner that have decided to conceibe; we count on two different options:
*National Ingenes Sperm Bank (included in the Price of our treatments)
*International Sperm Bank. Strategic Alliance with lider USA Sperm Bank Fairfax Cryobank (additional cost)

Treatment using donor sperm can be for any of Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) where prepared screened donor sperm is inserted into the uterus at the fertile time of your cycle or though an IVF treatment cycle. IVF can be performed through a natural cycle or through stimulation of the ovaries to create several eggs and subsequently a choice of embryos for implantation.

Egg or Sperm freezing
Egg freezing (vitrification) is an option if you are planning for a later time to conceibe.
In the case of eggs, those are obtained after the ovarian stimulation of the women from whom the eggs will be collected.
In the case of sperm, a sample is obtained from the man, then it is analyzed to determine and ensure a simple of good quality, quantity and morphology.
Either egg or sperm, they are frozen for use in the future at a time that is right for you.