Assisted Reproduction Doctors

We have a team of more than 65 Assisted Reproduction Doctors available for our patients. Each center is conformed by a medical leader or medical coordinator and a medical team.

Ingenes Assisted Reproduction Doctors Profile

An Assisted Reproduction Doctor is one who, in addition to having a career in gynecology and obstetrics, has a master’s degree and a specialty in Assisted Reproduction.

A fertility doctor is a reproductive endocrinologist, a physician who practices a subspecialty of obstetrics and gynecology referred to as reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

Choosing a fertility doctor is the most important patient decision you may ever make. Aware of that, our doctors are selected through a rigorous process considering their expertise, mindset and patient care feel.

This guarantees that any of our available doctors will match your needs, since they carry the knowledge, resources and comportment to help you go through the process.

All of our medical leaders are members of Top Doctors México, a globally recognized market leader in the international medicine and e-Health sector. It is recognized as a global leader on trustworthy and up to date data on choosing leading medical professionals, bringing them closer to patients through tech.

Assisted Reproduction Doctors by location

Mexico City

  1. Dr. Nicolás Kameyama – Medical director
  2. Dr. Claudia Castillo – Medical leader
  3. Dr. Jean Paul Sulaiman – Pregnancy leader
  4. Dr. Emmanuel Carrera – Medical coordinator
  5. Dr. Yolanda Piña – Medical coordinator
  6. Dr. Ginna Ortiz – Medical coordinator
  7. Dr. Milton Flores
  8. Dr. Stephanie Moreno
  9. Dr. Paola Vázquez
  10. Dr. Iván Madrazo
  11. Dr. Adrián Sánchez
  12. Dr. Luis Miguel Pérez
  13. Dr. Israel Rodríguez
  14. Dr. Everardo Barragán
  15. Dr. Karla Santiago
  16. Dr. Ernesto Gutiérrez
  17. Dr. Fabiola Vélez
  18. Dr. Daniel Acosta
  19. Dr. Juan José Suárez
  20. Dr. María Nolazco
  21. Dr. Juan Carlos Ruiz
  22. Dr. Jhonathan Hidalgo
  23. Dr. Felipe Camargo – CEO, Founder


  1. Dr. Enrique Rodríguez – Medical director
  2. Dr. Luis Jorge Guerrero – Medical coordinator
  3. Dr. Héctor Támez – Medical coordinator
  4. Dr. Marcela Lozano
  5. Dr. Nadia Dominguez
  6. Dr. Patricia Lemini
  7. Dr. Gonzalo Pliego
  8. Dr. Alfonso Martínez
  9. Dr. Nicole Carranza
  10. Dr. Enrique Garza
  11. Dr. Leonor Inda


  1. Dr. Martín Rivera – Medical director
  2. Dr. Ma. Teresa Haro – Medical coordinator
  3. Dr. Edith Ramos – Medical coordinator
  4. Dr. Héctor Carrillo
  5. Dr. Carolina Orozco
  6. Dr. Karina Olmos
  7. Dr. Sharon Romero
  8. Dr. Jorge Pérez
  9. Dr. Tania Martínez
  10. Dr. Enrique García
  11. Dr. Areli Domínguez
  12. Dr. Karen García
  13. Dr. Christian Hernández


  1. Dr. Catherine González – Medical leader
  2. Dr. Emma Marsal
  3. Dr. Sara Jacobo
  4. Dr. Norma Barrera
  5. Dr. Nestor Zarate
  6. Dr. Anabel Ronquillo
  7. Dr. Marisela Nuñez
  8. Dr. Tannia Caro


  1. Dr. Eduardo Cruz – Medical leader
  2. Dr. Emma Lopezmastache
  3. Dr. Christian Sotomayor
  4. Dr. Nabile Nieto
  5. Dr. Erika Salinas


  1. Dr. Miguel Jaimes – Medical leader
  2. Dr. Raul Machain
  3. Dr. Ana Castillo
  4. Dr. Eder Benítez
  5. Dr. Francy Alture