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We are now open in Houston!

We have come to Houston to help you bring your baby home! More than a clinic, you will find an Institution with a multidisciplinary team specialized in fertility and reproductive health; a distinctive medical care that will make your investment worth it!
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We can help you have a successful fertility treatment

You will be able to have different cycles within the same Assisted Reproduction treatment, and each cycle will be re-evaluated by your medical team to improve your chances for the next one.

In addition, you will have at your disposal our IVF laboratory, egg bank, sperm bank, and experts in Reproductive Biology who will follow your case until you have your baby.

We have a 100% money back guarantee in case you don't have your baby, in our 3 and 4 IVF cycle plans, to give you more security.

Our multi-cycle plans, which we provide within the same treatment, give you up to a 96% chance of having your baby, certified by a notary public.

We have helped to conceive 50,000 babies, thanks to our comprehensive treatments guided by a large team of doctors and scientists specialised in Assisted Reproduction.

  • reproduccion-asistida-fertilizacion-in-vitro-tasa-de-exito-bebes-nacidos-ingenes-instituto-clinicas-de-fertilidad-garantia-por-la-devolucion-de-dinero-en-caso-de-no-tener-exito-sello-certificado-por-notario-publico
    Contamos con la garantía por la devolución de hasta 100% de tu dinero en caso de no tener a tu bebé, en nuestros planes de 3 y 4 ciclos, para darte mayor seguridad.
  • reproduccion-asistida-fertilizacion-in-vitro-tasa-de-exito-mas-alta-hasta-96-clinicas-de-fertilidad-sello-certificado-por-notario-publico
    Nuestros planes multiciclo, que te brindamos dentro de un mismo tratamiento, te dan hasta 96% de probabilidades de tener a tu bebé, certificado por notario público.
  • fertilizacion-in-vitro-tasa-de-exito-bebes-nacidos-ingenes-instituto-clinicas-de-fertilidad-sello-certificado-por-notario-publico

    Ayudamos a concebir 50,000 bebés, gracias a nuestros tratamientos integrales guiados por nuestro amplio equipo de médicos y científicos especialistas en Reproducción Asistida.
Our Initial Program is the key step that will bring you closer to that great dream: your baby. With it, you and the Reproduction specialists will be able to choose the ideal treatment with which you will achieve the result you have been waiting for.
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What's the first step?

Schedule and attend to your Initial Program, with it, our specialists will confirm your diagnosis and will be able to recommend the best fertility treatment for you, giving you the best chance to have your baby!
Our Initial Program is for women who have been trying to have a baby for 6 months or more and have not succeeded.
It was not only created for women who are going through a fertility matter, but also for those who until now are determined to live their motherhood.
It is a program for women who know the impossible doesn’t exist and that solutions are sought until they're found, for those who do not give up and are willing to do their best to become moms.
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What does the Initial Program include?

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