Mexico: the key to having your baby


Here begins the road towards your baby!

Your Initial Program is the first step of the Assisted Reproduction treatment that will bring your baby home. Together we’ll do our best to achieve it, with a totally personalized plan.
Our Initial Program is for women who have been trying to have a baby for 6 months or more and have not succeeded.
It was not only created for women who are going through a fertility matter, but also for those who until now are determined to live their motherhood.
It is a program for women who know the impossible doesn’t exist and that solutions are sought until they're found, for those who do not give up and are willing to do their best to become moms.
Your fertility journey begins at our McAllen or San Diego branch, where we will get to know you and we will create your treatment plan. Next you will travel to our fertility institute in Mexico to start your procedure. Then you will come back home to continue your treatment and have your baby.

What does the Initial Program include?

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