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Why Ingenes will help you achieve your dream?

Being a parent is a dream and we’ll help you achieve it, therefore we offer you the best treatment to carry out this process to start the road to your star. Do you know why Ingenes should be your choice?

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“I became a mom despite having a polycystic ovary”

Polycystic ovary syndrome is a factor that affects achieving pregnancy naturally, but don't worry, at Ingenes that does not impede you from becoming a mother.

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Eligender: ¿Es posible elegir el sexo de tu bebé?

Ser mamá es una etapa maravillosa, porque los hijos llegan a sumar más experiencias y lindos recuerdos a tu familia, y muchas veces el poder elegir el sexo de tu bebé es algo único; hoy con nuestro programa Eligender es posible.  Sabemos que suena un poco a ciencia ficción, pero tranquila, aquí te explicamos cómo […]

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Eligender: Is it possible to choose your baby’s sex?

Being a mom is a wonderful stage, because children get to add more experiences and memories to your family, and many times being able to choose the sex of your baby is something unique, and today, with our Eligender program it is possible to do it. We know it sounds a bit like science fiction, but do […]

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Your Star at Home: Más oportunidades de tener a tu bebé

Con la finalidad de reducir el desgaste físico, emocional y económico de las mujeres, creamos los programas multiciclo que aumentan las posibilidades de concebir hasta un 96%.

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Your Star at Home: More Opportunities to Have Your Baby

In order to reduce the physical, emotional and economic exhaustation of women, we created multicycle programs that increase the chances of conceiving up to 96%.

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Infertility related to the ovarian reserve

Low ovarian reserve is a commo cause of infertility, however, there are effective alternatives to have a baby. Here we tell you.

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