about us

About Us

We have been the leading fertility and genetics institute in Latin America for more than 15 years. 

Our success rate is 10% higher than any other clinic in the USA and the best in Latin America, thanks to our multi-cycle fertility programs, individually designed for each patient.

What makes us the leading fertility and genetics institute in Latin America?

• More than 50,000 babies delivered home
• More than 15 years of experience
• Our success rate is 10% higher than other clinics in the USA
• Truly effective diagnosis with our Initial Program.
• Experts in reproductive biology
• Certified fertility labs
• Equipment and facilities utilizing NASA technology
• Research programs and dissemination of knowledge in the area of fertility and genetics

Why are we your best option to achieve parenthood?

1. Accurate diagnosis is the key to any successful fertility treatment. Through our Initial Program, you will gain a precise diagnosis of the factors influencing your fertility, conducted by reproductive experts.

2. As a result of our dedication, our rate of babies born through In Vitro Fertilization of the mother’s own eggs is 10% higher than any clinic in the USA and 78% higher than the average in Latin America. We are also accredited by the LARA Network.

3. Finally, we have a dedicated team of experienced reproductive specialists, ready to serve. We carefully select each member of Team Ingenes to guarantee the best physicians, biologists, embryologists, geneticists and specialized nurses — all working together to fulfill your ultimate dream of parenthood.

We work as a team so you can have Your Star at Home

Every expert doctor, nurse and biologist is focused on helping you carry out your family planning and make it possible.

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