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Dr. Jean Paul Sulaiman

Dr. Norma Barrera

Physician Assigned to Assisted Reproduction at Ingenes

Branch: Puebla
Speciality: Gynecology and Obstetrics Professional  
Professional ID: 10458404
Universidad Nacional Autónoma De México

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Dr. Norma Indira is part of the Ingenes Puebla family.

After finishing her medical degree and due to her drive to contribute in a positive way to the process of giving life, she decided to study the specialty in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. At Ingenes she found the opportunity to help with all of her experience, empathy and love for the profession.

Dr. Norma defines herself as a woman committed to fulfilling the aim of bringing down stars from the sky, and believes that trust, security and teamwork with patients is essential to achieve that each couple who believes in her returns with their baby home.

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