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Embryonic infertility factor

Your embryo is made up of 46 chromosomes, contributed by you and the man, but any disruption in that genetic load can prevent you from carrying your baby to term.

What is the embryonic infertility factor?

Once your egg is fertilized by a sperm, each sperm contributes 23 chromosomes, containing a specific number of genes, which will form your embryo.

If you or the father have any genetic alteration in your chromosomes, or your embryo has any disturbance in its chromosomes, this could trigger implantation problems and even recurrent miscarriages.

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Main causes that generate infertility due to embryonic factor

Implantation failure: determined when your pregnancy does not occur after three cycles of in vitro fertilization

Genetic alterations: affectations in genes or chromosomes that prevent your embryo from developing properly

Recurrent miscarriage: loss of two or more consecutive pregnancies before you reach your twentieth week

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To properly diagnose any cause pertaining to the embryonic factor of infertility, we must first perform a variety of clinical tests, including a transvaginal ultrasound and Preimplantational Genetic Diagnosis (PGD), to determine the specific causes preventing you from fulfilling your dream of becoming a mother.

Can I have a baby if I have embryonic factor infertility?

Any condition or alteration that you are experiencing in your fallopian tubes can be properly addressed and will not prevent you from having a baby.

If this is your situation, the safest and most viable option to become a mother is through in vitro fertilization. And the first step along your journey is through an Insignia Diagnosis, carried out by specialists in Assisted Reproduction.

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