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Male factor infertility

This is one of the five main factors that cause infertility and most of its causes are usually symptomless.

What is male factor infertility?

Although four of the factors that influence infertility pertain to female causes, millions of couples face situations involving the male factor, or even a combination of conditions experienced by both partners.

If you and your partner have been trying to have a baby for 12 months without success, the recommendation is to see a reproductive specialist, who will determine the specific causes.

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Main causes that generate male factor infertility

Anejaculation: refers to the absence of ejaculation

Asthenozoospermia: low sperm motility

Azoospermia: lack of spermatozoa in the ejaculate

Diabetes mellitus: can cause testicular damage, reduction of sperm quantity and insufficient quality

Teratozoospermia: alterations in the shape or structure of the spermatozoa

Erectile dysfunction: inability to achieve and maintain an erection

Seminal infections: caused by harmful microorganisms in the prostate, vesicles, vas deferens, epididymis or testicles

Varicocele: dilation of the veins that send blood out of the testicles

Vasectomy: surgery in which the tubes of the scrotum are blocked or cut

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To properly diagnose any cause belonging to the male factor of infertility, we must first perform a few different tests and clinical analyses; this includes a seminogram, a test to measure the quantity and quality of the spermatozoa, their mobility and morphology.

Can we have a baby if we have male factor infertility?

Any male factor infertility can be properly treated and will not stand in your way of having a baby. If this is your situation, the safest and most viable option to become a mother is through in vitro fertilization. And the first step along your journey is through an Insignia Diagnosis, carried out by specialists in Assisted Reproduction.

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