Boy or girl?
Well, having Your Baby at Home is a big and important decision, and when it comes to having a balance in the family that decision requires a choice, one that is already possible to make.
Eligender® is an Ingenes signature service, a procedure that allows patients to choose the sex of their baby. This technique is based on the analysis of genes located in the sex chromosomes (X and Y), whose presence or abscence indicates the sex of the embryo.

How does it work?

The sex of an embryo is determined by the chromosomes carried by the sperm, and as we know, a sperm can carry either the X or the Y chromosome, so a woman’s egg only contributes the X chromosome to the fertilized embryo, resulting in a boy when it is XY and in a girl if it is XX.

What does this technique consist of?

The technique begins with the biopsy of the embryos developed from an in vitro fertilization on day 3 or 5 of its development. From this, 1 to 15 cells are obtained in order to be analyzed by advanced molecular biology techniques.
This biopsy is performed by an expert biologist in assisted reproduction and after the genomic analysis of the cells obtained from the biopsy performed on each embryo, the results indicate which are the embryos of female sex and which ones are of the male sex. From these results the embryos from the desired sex will be chosen to be transferred.

Why choose Eligender?

Eligender® is the best option to achieve a family balance and it is even a good alternative to avoid diseases that are linked to either sex in relation to the family history.

Know the road to have Your Star at Home with an IVF program

Some dreams have a long road ahead but at Ingenes that road is a great adventure.
We want you to know the complete road in detail if you decide on Ingenes.
This is the plan we offer you to have Your Star At Home:
The process starting with your Evaluation Program, takes place at Ingenes in the United States, at the Ingenes branch of your choice, and some of the steps must be carried out in Mexico, as follows:

Diagnosis and Evaluation Program (2 appointments) – In USA

Ovarian stimulation and/or endometrial preparation (8 to 12 days) – In USA

Egg retrieval and preparation of sperm sample In Vitro Fertilization (1 day) – In Mexico

Extended embryo culture and embryo transfer on day 5 or 6 (3 to 6 days) – In Mexico

Blood Pregnancy test 10 days after – In USA

First gestational check (1 or 2 appointments after blood test) – In USA

Rest assured that you are in the best hands.
ICSI is one of our advanced programs and it may be the answer you are looking for right now.

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