Implantation Score

To be sure of a successful pregnancy, it is possible to analyze the quality of the egg, to indentify the best embryo to transfer.

What is the Implantation Score?

The Implantation Score, an Ingenes signature service, is a non-invasive genetyc study performed on the egg’s cells to identify the embryos with the greatest implantation potential in order to achieve a succesful result.

A test developed by Ingenes

Provides more certainty when having a pregnancy

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For whom is this test ideal?

With this kind of test, Implantation Score plus a Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis, it is possible to increase success rate up to 92%, to guarantee a successful result,

This test is a tool to reduce physical, economic and emotional complications associated with implantation failures, due to poor ovular quality, and also it is a complementary technique for our programs.

Ideal to:

Couples with infertility issues

For those who have unfinished pregnancy

Women with: advanced age, low ovarian reserve, endometriosis, implantation failure or egg donation.

What is the procedure for this service?

The Implantation Score calculates and predicts the potential and individual implantation from an embryo cohort, with an 85% accuracy prediction, much higher than the rates reached in a traditional embryo selection system. Also, it studies the molecular markers in the granulosa cells to improve embryo selection. The granulosa cells accompany the oocyte, they enclose it completely and provide it with physical (protection) and physiological support (nutrition and hormonal).

Modern research throughout the world indicates that the expression of molecular markers in the granulosa cells determines four important elements for the pregnancy:

  • Ripening of the oocyte

  • Ovarian Stimulation

    Quality of the oocyte

  • Ovarian Puncture

    Potential for fertilization

  • Fertilization

    Embryonic development

An Ingenes additional service

Implantation Score is one of our additional services for Assisted Reproduction Programs.

At Ingenes we have prime technology to offer you a great service to achieve your pregnancy in the best conditions.

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¿Para quien es ideal este tratamiento?

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