PICSI, a perfected technique for a pregnancy

PICSI is a breakthrough for ICSI, in this kind of technique it is possible to select the best sperm to reduce any risk in the pregnancy.

What is ICSI?

The fertilization techinique called Physiological Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection is
designed to help specific cases to improve the outcome of ICSI, in which a single
sperm is selected and injected into an egg to achieve fertilization.

Improves the results of a conventional ICSI

Allows to select a competent sperm

Reduces risks in pregnancies

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For whom is this treatment ideal?

This technique was developed to help couples with sperm abnormalities and also for those who have had a conventional ICSI procedure without having the desired results.
It is a technique to improve ICSI results, so it is convenient to use it when a man’s sample presents:

Low sperm concentration (oligozoospermia)

Irregular mobility and morphology (astenozoospermia or teratozoospermia)

No sperm (azoospermia)

High sperm’s DNA fragmentation

Sperm without the capacity to fertilize an egg by themselves

What is the procedure for this treatment?

This technique makes it possible to select a good quality sperm to bind to a droplet of hyaluronic acid placed on a special culture dish, which is the main component of the cells sorrounding the egg.
The PICSI technique is performed with the use of a special sterile culture dish that has three micro droplets of hyaluronic acid hydrigel on it’s inner bottom.
Once attached to the droplets of hyaluronic acid, the sperm to be used in ICSI are easily removed and selected with a micropipette.
ICSI and PICSI techniques look for the best quality sperm to achieve a pregnancy, however, PICSI helps to select the best sperm, which results in a better embryo, thanks to this selection.
We find the indicated sperm and a healthy embryo is generated, to get the healthiest pregnancy possible.
Several tests have found that only mature and competent sperm present the specific receptors on their cells membrane, that allows them to achieve a binding to the surrounding egg cells. These receptors indicate that these sperm have a higher degree of DNA integrity and lower chromosomal alteration. Therefore, the sperm selected by this method have higher quality than those conventionally selected just by observation.

In which programs is this tratment used?

Sperm selection by PICSI obtains better fertilization and pregnancy rates and reduces the risk of a miscarriage, for that reason it is one of our high complexity treatments, used in the premier programs to conceive.

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¿Para quien es ideal este tratamiento?

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