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Since 2005, we have brought over 50,000 girls and boys into the world, thanks to our complete treatments
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We don't sell fertility treatments or programs like any other fertility clinic, we are an Institute that provides you with proven, safe, and effective Assisted Reproduction solutions so you can plan your life with your baby in peace and live a future as you've always imagined.

Are our Assisted Reproduction solutions for you?

The families who come to us to help them add one or more new members are very diverse. In almost two decades, we have received all cases, and surely one similar to yours, to give a new driving force to:
-Heterosexual couples
-Same-sex couples (LGBTQ+)
-Women who decided to postpone their maternity
-Single persons
-People with problems conceiving (with or without a diagnosis)
-People who have not carried a pregnancy to term
-Men with alterations in their sperm
-Women who have been operated on, with their tubes tied or with tubal ligation
-People who want to freeze their eggs or sperm
-People who want to rule out genetic diseases in their future baby

Meet our Ingenes Families

Learn about the stories of the families we have helped to grow with our reproductive health services and different complete treatments of In Vitro Fertilization and Artificial Insemination.
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Are you looking for a fertility clinic or treatment to have a baby?

We want to get to know you and hear about your journey to becoming a mom, including the challenges you have faced, with or without the help of a treatment or fertility clinic.

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Why are we confident in helping you?

We have several guarantees that demonstrate our confidence in providing you with successful fertility treatments:
Baby at Home or Money Back Guarantee: We offer a guarantee that refunds up to 100% of your money if you are unable to have a baby.
Highest Success Rate of 96%: Our complete and flexible treatments are tailored to your specific needs, and we have the highest success rate in Latin America, certified by a notary public.
Over 50,000 Ingenes Babies: Our Ingenes families are our best proof of success. We have helped bring over 50,000 babies into the world by utilizing the latest science and technology.
  • reproduccion-asistida-fertilizacion-in-vitro-tasa-de-exito-bebes-nacidos-ingenes-instituto-clinicas-de-fertilidad-garantia-por-la-devolucion-de-dinero-en-caso-de-no-tener-exito-sello-certificado-por-notario-publico
    Contamos con la garantía por la devolución de hasta 100% de tu dinero en caso de no tener a tu bebé, en nuestros planes de 3 y 4 ciclos, para darte mayor seguridad.
  • reproduccion-asistida-fertilizacion-in-vitro-tasa-de-exito-mas-alta-hasta-96-clinicas-de-fertilidad-sello-certificado-por-notario-publico
    Nuestros planes multiciclo, que te brindamos dentro de un mismo tratamiento, te dan hasta 96% de probabilidades de tener a tu bebé, certificado por notario público.
  • fertilizacion-in-vitro-tasa-de-exito-bebes-nacidos-ingenes-instituto-clinicas-de-fertilidad-sello-certificado-por-notario-publico

    Ayudamos a concebir 50,000 bebés, gracias a nuestros tratamientos integrales guiados por nuestro amplio equipo de médicos y científicos especialistas en Reproducción Asistida.
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Get an accurate fertility diagnosis and a personalized treatment proposal to have your baby,, carried out by our specialist doctors in Reproductive Biology, no matter the reason why you haven't made your dream a reality yet. Schedule an appointment for your Initial Program by clicking here. or learn more about it in the button below.
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What treatments do we have for you at Ingenes?

The solutions we offer at Ingenes are complete Reproductive Assisted Treatments that vary according to each patient, their reproductive health, and the complexity of the techniques needed to achieve a baby in each particular case, among them:

Complete multi-cycle treatments* 

Additional Services to Add to Your Treatment

Learn more about the additional services we offer that you can add to your treatment by clicking on each one:

-Implantation Score
-Sex Selection (Eligender)
-Non-Invasive Prenatal Test (CLARIX)
What if your treatment fails?
We've got it covered.
Our team of over 80 doctors, scientists, and professionals is available for each of our patients, bringing their expertise and dedication to ensure that we do absolutely everything necessary for you to have your baby.

Meet the Specialists

Who Will Make Your Dream Come True
Each of the doctors, scientists, and fertility specialists on our team supports Ingenes' experience and dedication to helping people transform their lives with a baby filled with love.
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Programas y tratamientos de infertilidad que desarrollamos para ti

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Where to begin your journey?

Our branches in Mexico and the United States

Thanks to the thousands of Ingenes families we've helped since 2005, you can now start your journey at any of our 18 branches in the main cities of Mexico and the United States.

Find yours by checking our map below or by clicking the following button.
Ingenes Branches

Certifications, partnerships, and agreements that endorse us internationally

Our medical practices, In Vitro Fertilization laboratories, and molecular analysis, as well as the work of each of our professionals, meet the highest quality standards.

This is demonstrated through Ingenes' various certifications, partnerships, and agreements with different international organizations.

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Carmel James

"My experience with Ingenes was very calming all because of the staff, they were welcoming and made you feel at ease with everything."

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