What is the relevance of our laboratory?

The laboratory is essential to carry out our treatments. It is where we take the reproductive cells to join them, keep them in incubation for 3-5 days to observe their development, and then select the best embryos for transfer. More than 50% of the success of a treatment depends on the laboratory

A real team of professionals

Without the help and commitment of the embryology team, together with the high standards of our laboratory, it would not be possible to achieve a positive result.

Embryologists are the biologists specialized and trained to work in an Assisted Reproduction laboratory, meaning that they are responsible to ensure that the process that will lead to your baby is fulfilled.

Cutting edge infrastructure and technology

Each of our laboratories is planned and built to avoid any kind of contaminating particles.
-One-piece floors with rounded corners and special paint imported from Europe, that does not emit toxic substances.

-Macro air system, which keeps the environment free of contaminating particles by filtering the incoming air from outside and pushing it out.

-Laminar flow cabins: high-tech tables, which control temperature and prevent contamination.

-All our equipment is set at 37°C, to emulate body temperature.

-Anti-vibration tables manufactured with NASA technology, which avoid sudden movements or tremors that could damage the eggs.

-Exclusive power plant for the laboratory: with it, we ensure that there is always a power supply for the equipment.

-Special incubators that keep the embryos in an adequate environment for their development.

Security protocols

The perfect handling of the embryos is fundamental for our patients to be sure that they are protected and completely safe.

In all our laboratories we have security codes to perfectly identify the cells and embryos of each patient, together with the protocol documentation, a log of the development of the embryos.
Each laboratory plate used to store the embryos is marked for correct patient identification.
Our laboratories have a complete alarm system and virtual network, with continuous monitoring of the facilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our multidisciplinary team is ready to help you fulfill your dream

In addition to our laboratory and our team of experienced embryologists, we are an Institute that is renewed day by day.

Get to know all our services, and become a mom when you decide it.
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