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1 in 3 babies born in Mexico through In Vitro Fertilization was conceived at Ingenes, endorsed by Red Lara. 
We are the Institute that attends the largest number of Assisted Reproduction cases in Latin America succeeding even in the most complex ones.

Up to 96% chance of having your baby

Our Multicycle Programs Bajando Estrellas del Cielo to Mexico, and Your Star at Home to USA, are treatments designed to put you closer to your dream of being a mom with each new In Vitro Fertilization cycle.


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How do we make it possible?

More than 16 years ago we managed to perfect the Assisted Reproduction techniques of the best fertility centers, institutes and clinics worldwide, through 4 elements:

IVF and Andrology Labs with cutting edge technology


Physicians and scientists specializing in Fertility and Reproductive Biology


Several cycles in the same fertility treatment

Multicycle Programs

Knowledge of the history of each patient

Know our stories patients

Why is it better to have more IVF cycles?

As you know, to have your baby with the help of an Assisted Reproduction treatment such as In Vitro Fertilization, different steps are involved that your fertility specialists must consider:

  1. Selection of the ideal eggs and sperm Fertilization
  2. Fertilization and embryonic development
  3. Monitoring your embryos
  4. Embryo Transfer
  5. Precise monitoring of the development of your pregnancy
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After 4 IVF cycles, at Ingenes we achieve up to 96% chance of success; however, you may require fewer cycles to have your baby.

Here the particularity of your case and personal factors are essential, which can interfere with the number of cycles:

  • Your age
  • Egg and sperm quality
  • Genetic alterations
  • Bad embryonic development
  • Previous surgeries or medical procedures
  • Specific reproductive health problems, among others

For example, if you are over 35 years old, the quantity and quality of your eggs is lower, so it is probable that your doctors will recommend more than a single IVF cycle.

What happens if your cycle is not successful?

Our biologists, andrologists, embryologists, maternal fetal doctors and other experts in Human Reproduction will meet to review in detail the analysis, results and everything that happened in the complete cycle that failed, in search of indicators, reactions, and the process to know what they need to adjust in the next one.

Each cycle of your treatment is a complete test of you and your reproductive process.

Once this is done, your fertility specialists start with the preparation of your body and the new steps to your next cycle.

In case you are part of the percentage that is not successful in a first cycle, you should not worry about it, because in each cycle 2 important things occur that will bring you closer to your dream:

Your body is getting better in each cycle and prepares to have a baby.
Your medical team acquires precise information on how your body reacts in each part of the cycle, to adjust medications, carry out more tests and even change techniques.

One cycle will never be the same as another and you will be closer to your baby

You and your specialists are a team, so, you must maintain constant communication at every step.

Therefore, he or she will tell you about all the adjustments that will be made in your next cycle, so that you agree.

Up to 96% success no matter what your case is

Regardless of the complexity of your case, and even when your treatment requires multiple adjustments, at Ingenes you will be closer to having your baby, thanks to our Multicycle Programs, as follows:

With a first IVF cycle, at Ingenes we offer you up to a 65% chance of having your baby.

In the event that your doctors recommend 2 IVF cycles due to your particular reproductive health conditions, at Ingenes you will have up to a 75% chance of success.

If your medical recommendation suggests three IVF cycles, this allows us to offer you up to an 85% chance of achieving your baby.

If this is not achieved in any of the cycles, our experts will review the way your body reacted, request additional tests, adjust the Assisted Reproduction techniques used, or use others.

All this is in order to carry out any necessary process, reaching up to 96% probability of success with 4 cycles of In Vitro Fertilization.

This means that, regardless of whether or not your case is complex, you can feel much calmer and more confident that together we will fulfill your dream of being a mom, since a greater number of cycles brings you closer to your baby.

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We are sure that you will have your baby at home or we will give your money back, endorsed by a notary public

The foregoing allows us to have full confidence in the success of our programs.

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Are you looking for a fertility clinic to be a mom?

We know that choosing the place to take your Assisted Reproduction treatment can be an overwhelming decision. So, before doing so, make sure you're clear all your doubts, ask about the success rates of babies born, and feel completely safe with your decision.

We not only seek to bring you closer to your dream of being a mom, we want to get closer to you to fulfill it. Come on, tell us your story and we’ll help you write the best part of your story, with your baby.


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