Up to 96% chances of success with Ingenes

Nuestros Multicycle Programsspan from 2 to 4 IVF cycles, these programs are known as Your Star at Home, we designed these treatments to help maximize the chances of bringing your baby home.
Multicycle Solutions

How do we make it happen?

We perfected assisted reproductive technology techniques over 17 years ago, keeping us at the vanguard of the best fertility centers, institutes, and clinics worldwide, thanks to these 4 factors:

Cutting-edge technology IVF and Andrology labs


Our dedicated team of physicians and scientists in the fields of reproductive biology and fertility


Multiple IVF cycles in one single treatment

Multicycle Programs

We get to know each one of our patient's stories and their journeys.

Patient’s stories

What are the benefits of multiple IVF cycle programs?

In Vitro Fertilization is an assisted reproductive technology treatment that has been perfected at Ingenes, each cycle involves a specific set of steps, and our fertility experts monitor and take into consideration the following factors:

The selection of the ideal eggs and sperm for fertilization
The Fertilization process and embryonic development
The embryo transfer procedure
Precise monitoring of your pregnancy’s development
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After 4 IVF cycles, at Ingenes we offer up to 96% chance of success; however, fewer cycles may be required to achieve our goal

Personal factors directly influence the probability of needing more or less cycles to achieve pregnancy, such as: 

- Your age
- Egg and sperm quality
- Genetic alterations
- Improper embryonic development
- Previous surgeries or medical procedures
- Specific reproductive health problems, among others.

For example, for women over the age of 35, the egg’s quality and quantity begin to decrease, so our specialists will likely recommend more than a single IVF cycle.

What happens if your cycle is not successful?

Our fertility and reproductive health experts will meet periodically to review the analysis results in detail, other relevant findings, and a complete report of what happened in the failed cycle, looking for any indicator, reaction, or process that might need to be adjusted to assure success in the following cycle.

Each cycle of your treatment is like a snapshot of the state of your body and your reproductive progress. At this point, your specialists will carry out different evaluations to precisely understand how your body reacts at each stage of the process.

Once this is done, your fertility experts will begin preparing your body and the new steps in your next cycle, with each cycle bringing you one step closer to your baby, as follows:
If your first cycle were to be unsuccessful, you should not let this discourage you, each cycle we perform increases the chances of achieving conception and a full-term pregnancy based on the following adaptations:
Because of the nature of this assisted reproduction treatment and the preparation the body undergoes to enhance fertility, each cycle will bring you closer to our goal.
Your medical team acquires precise information on how your body reacts at each stage of the cycle, to adjust medications, carry out complementary analyses and if needed, change strategies.

Every patient is one-of-a-kind to us, each cycle is its own unique experience

Communication with your dedicated specialized medical team must be constant at every stage of the assisted reproduction treatment to carry into completion.

Up to a 96% success rate, even in the most complex cases

Regardless of the complexity of your case, and even when your treatment requires multiple adjustments, at Ingenes we will bring you closer to having your baby, thanks to our Multicycle Programs, as follows:

With a first IVF cycle, at Ingenes we offer you an up to 65% chance of having your baby.

If your doctors recommended 2 IVF cycles due to your particular reproductive health conditions, at Ingenes you will have an up to 75% chance of success.

If your medical team recommends continuing with a 3rd IVF cycle, this allows us to offer you up to an 85% chance of achieving a full-term pregnancy.
Multicycle Programs

Our mission is to help you bring a baby into your life, we offer notarized money back guarantee for your investment

We have full confidence in the success rates of our programs
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Looking for a fertility clinic?

We’d like to get to know you, each journey is different, so it is important for us to learn about your previous experiences, for example: if you’ve undergone any assisted reproduction treatments, and what challenges you might have faced along the way.

Allow us to set some time aside to get to know you better.
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