Age is a crucial factor to conceive

You may be aware that age is a determining factor when it comes to reproductive health, this is especially true for women, since the quality and quantity of eggs wanes over time, which is natural.

Because of this, we understand the importance of facilitating the process for you, once you’ve made a decision to begin your motherhood, our reproductive health specialists will help you find the best solution in the least amount of time.
Begin your journey

The first step toward your baby:
Evaluate your reproductive health

We are happy you've made it this far. We are committed to helping you realize the dream of having a baby.

The first step toward your baby is getting an accurate and updated diagnosis, making an informed decision is key.

Getting a fertility diagnosis

Our team of multidisciplinary experts in the fields of fertility and assisted reproductive technology will evaluate each one of your cases and carry out initial tests to deliver a personalized plan for you. 

Once you receive a diagnosis, you will learn all about the different options to achieve your pregnancy, a good place to start is Your First Consultation

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Assisted Reproductive Technology treatments for you

At Ingenes we offer aspiring parents access to the latest Reproductive Technology treatments, we offer different treatments, for every case, and with consideration of each patient's needs and medical history.

Multicycle Solutions

Fertility treatments with up to a 96% success rate, recommended for women who may fall into the following descriptions:

-Women over 35 years of age
-Severe fertility problems
-Have attempted to conceive for over 5 years without success

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Basic Programs

Fertility treatments, recommended for women with the following aspects:
-Women under 35 years of age
-Moderate fertility problems (male, female or both)
-Have been trying for a baby without success for less than 5 years
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Additional services

We offer supplementary services at an additional cost, these services can be added to your assisted reproductive technology treatment for added peace of mind and precision.

-Gender Selection (Eligender): This method allows parents to choose the gender of their child with an accuracy of 99%.
-Implantation Score: This is a study carried out to determine the implantation potential during embryo selection.
-Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis: This is an embryonic DNA study for the early detection of alterations. Prenatal Genetic Diagnosis: This study helps us rule out genetic or chromosomal abnormalities

Take the first step toward your baby

If your mind is set to start or grow your family, Ingenes is here to help you accomplish that dream.

Schedule an appointment to get your diagnosis and learn about the different options we offer to achieve your goal.
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