Employee Well-being

Prioritizing employee well-being by offering life-transforming benefits beyond the workplace, including their families, showcases the company's commitment to holistic employee care.

Program Highlights

Our program includes discounts on consultations, diagnostics, treatments, and assisted reproduction solutions. Additionally, we provide informative and educational materials on fertility topics.

Who Can Benefit From This Partnership?

We offer personalized solutions for:
  • Heterosexual couples with infertility issues.
  • Same-sex couples and single individuals.
  • Those looking to postpone parenthood responsibly through egg and sperm freezing.
  • Anyone seeking expert assistance from top specialists in assisted reproduction.
  • Mental and Emotional Health
  • Addressing fertility challenges reduces stress and frustration, positively impacting productivity and overall workplace morale.
  • First Steps

    The key is to discuss each case individually to determine the best solution collaboratively.

    Program Benefits

    We offer companies various benefits and discounts for their employees and their families:

  • free Assisted Reproductive medical consultations for employees and their families.
  • All necessary diagnostic tests included (provided by Ingenes).
  • Discounts on fertility treatments and egg/sperm preservation for employees and their families.

  • Trusted by Leading Companies for Our Comprehensive Corporate Benefits Programs

    Further Benefits With Ingenes:

    We accompany our patients throughout the entire journey of this wonderful process of having a baby through informative materials and specialized psychological counseling. All at no cost.
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