That's why, in tandem with our Assisted Reproduction Solutions, our EHU unit is here to offer a safe haven—a place where you can express yourself, be heard, and have your feelings validated. With us, it's not just about the treatment; it's about ensuring your journey is a memorable and supported one.

Why is EHU so vital?

At Ingenes, our promise is to help bring your dream to life with as little stress as possible. That's why, within EHU, it's essential for us to get to know you better and understand how you feel. We're committed to providing the support you need, helping you recognize and transform your emotions throughout your journey.
By fostering positive shifts in your physical, mental, and emotional states, we aim to achieve a holistic balance. This balance is crucial in making you more receptive to the treatment and ultimately realizing your greatest dream: bringing your baby home.

What does our Emotional Health Unit offer?

At EHU, we provide a trustworthy, secure space at every stage of your Ingenes experience:
Included in your Initial Program:
-Orange Group Workshop: These are three bi-weekly Saturday sessions where we will provide tools and information to help you navigate your treatment and achieve the dream of bringing your baby home.

Included in your Comprehensive BEC Program:

Orange Workshop: This is either a one-on-one or couples session designed to get to know you and offer general recommendations as you begin treatment. Approximate duration: 50 minutes. Mode: online or in-person. Violet Workshop: We will offer a one-on-one or couples session per cycle if pregnancy tests come back negative. The goal is to encourage you not to give up and to keep moving forward. Approximate duration: 50 minutes. Mode: online or in-person.

Who is it recommended for?

The Ingenes Emotional Health Unit is available to all our patients about to begin an Assisted Reproduction treatment and, additionally:
• Women and/or couples who have experienced unsuccessful treatments

• Women and/or couples coping with the grief or loss of a baby

• Those wishing to become pregnant without a partner

• Women wanting to conceive

• Patients requiring gamete donation (eggs or sperm)

Meet our professionals in charge

Psychologist Linda Milenka Morales

CDMX Branch
Phone: 55 7907 7113

Graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) with a degree in Clinical Psychology. She completed her postgraduate studies in Family Therapy at UNAM. She has diplomas in Narrative Therapy and Psychological First Aid from the Graduate School of Mexico. At the SEI Unit, she provides emotional support to patients from their arrival at the Institute until the end of the Assisted Reproduction process through individual, couple, or group sessions, contributing to improving their quality of life during their treatment.

Spoken Languages: English - Spanish

Psychologist Carmen Lourdes Acosta Pérez

Guadalajara Branch
Phone: 33 2220 5281

She graduated from the Western Institute of Technology and Higher Education (ITESO) in Guadalajara and holds a master's degree in Bioenergy and Human Development from the Anthropological University of Guadalajara (UNAG). She teaches at the Bachelor's level in Psychology and Education and has studies in Couples Therapy and Sexuality. She has also undertaken studies in Perinatal Grief and offers workshops and lectures on emotional health.

Spoken Language: Spanish

Psychologist Roxana Reyes Bolaños

Merida Branch
Phone: +52 999 256 9570

She studied clinical psychology at Universidad del Sur. She has worked at the Psychiatric Hospital of Yucatán and at the National Institute for Women. She has completed diplomas in First Contact Psychological Support, Clinical Psychodiagnostics, and is certified to apply the MMPI-2 psychological test, which assesses personality and psychosomatic alterations. Furthermore, she attended the Assisted Reproduction congress by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine. At Ingenes, she offers emotional support sessions to patients and staff, conducts group workshops for future parents on psychoeducation, and the emotional aspects of Assisted Reproduction.

Spoken Languages: English-Spanish

Psychologist Edgar Isaac Luna Altamirano

Monterrey Branch
Phone: 81 8499 1495

He specializes in clinical psychology from the Metropolitan University of Monterrey and trained as a death and grief counselor (thanatologist) at the Iberoamerican University of Monterrey. He has diplomas and courses in PAP (Psychological First Aid), Emotional Accompaniment in Trauma, and Hospital Bioethics. In the SEI Unit, he offers grief counseling to listen and validate the emotions in his patients, providing comprehensive care that encompasses emotional and reproductive health to guide them towards meeting their baby.

Spoken Language: Spanish

Psychologist Ana Karen Ruiz Ogando

Puebla Branch
Phone: +52 221 422 5262

She completed her degree at the Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla and has a diploma in the Neurobiology of Mental Disorders. She was a university professor, creator, and speaker of workshops and conferences; she has experience as a teacher for children with Autism and Asperger's disorders. Additionally, she is a specialist in sexual and couple therapy from the Superior Institute of Psychological Studies in Barcelona. Her expertise has allowed her to implement specific techniques and materials in the SEI Unit to address situations of grief, anxiety, depression, among others.

Spoken Language: Spanish
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