Ingenes Emotional Support (IES)

We provide you with different tools directed by specialized psychologists, to keep your mind and emotions in balance so that you can fully live the transforming experience of becoming a mum.

Why is psycho-emotional health key in Assisted Reproduction treatment?

The Pan American Health Organization insists that attention to the psycho-emotional health of people seeking to conceive a baby is fundamental to avoid all types of risks in pregnancy and beyond, such as:
Alteration in the development of some areas of the brain
Risk of premature birth
Malnutrition of the baby in the womb
Lower birth weight
During an Assisted Reproduction process, you may experience stress, anguish, sadness and all kinds of emotions that could throw you out of balance, increasing these risks, so it is necessary that you have the support of expert psychologists as a fundamental part of your treatment.

A team that will always be there for you

We know that this path has multiple challenges, and in every step you take you will count on professionals who will provide you with the necessary tools to get through everything in the best way:
Psychologist Katia Rodríguez Rodríguez
Psychologist Carmen Lourdes Acosta Pérez
Psychologist Ana Karen Ruiz Ogando
Psychologist Edgar Isaac Luna Altamirano
Psychologist Roxana Reyes Bolaños

Your therapeutic tools

Through our team of psychologists, we will provide you with containment and support using different therapeutic tools such as:
Group workshops for interaction and listening to Assisted Reproduction patients.
Individual workshops for patients who have had treatment failures.
Individual emotional support sessions.

Know the path that will lead you to your baby

At Ingenes, we offer comprehensive services so that you have everything you need to have your baby at home. Get to know all our reproductive health services and become a mother when you decide.
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