Do you wish to balance your family with the addition of a new member?

We can identify the gender of your embryo through our exclusively developed method at Ingenes, so you can fulfill the dream of having a baby of your desired sex.
2 out of 3 patients undergoing IVF treatment  wish to know the gender of the embryo before transferring it.

How do we determine a baby's sex with Eligender?

Our gender selection is based on the analysis of genes located on the sex chromosomes (X and Y), whose presence or absence allows our experts in molecular biology to determine the gender of your embryos before transfer, with 98% effectiveness.
This procedure is carried out at an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Laboratory by an Assisted Reproduction specialized biologist, who will carefully select the embryos with the best potential for analysis.
This technique begins with the acquisition of a sample through biopsy without interfering with embryo development on the 3rd, 5th, or 6th day of development or by collecting the culture medium, depending on the doctor's recommendation, without interfering with the embryo's development. The samples are then analyzed using advanced molecular biology techniques and the best technology available on the market.
By conducting genomic analysis, it is possible to determine whether the embryos are male (XY) or female (XX). After analyzing the results and taking into account the patient's preferences, the selected embryos are transferred.

Who is gender selection for?


It is recommended for patients who:

  • Are undergoing IVF and want to know the gender of the embryo.
  • Want to select the gender of their baby.
  • Want to rule out the possibility of inheriting sex-linked diseases (by only transferring embryos of the gender that do not carry that disease).
  • Wish to balance their family.

Leave your baby's health in expert hands

Eligender is an exclusive technique developed by Ingenes, which has been developed by our team of genetic specialists as a safe and effective option.

Learn more about our research team dedicated to innovation and teaching in reproductive sciences in partnership with prominent researchers from Cinvestav-IPN.

Make the decision to fulfill your dream!

If you want to choose the sex of your baby, come to us, we can help you.

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