Find out about our prices of Assisted Reproduction treatments.

If you have come this far, it means that you are convinced that we can help you live your maternity.

The following is a summary of the Assisted Reproduction treatments and reproductive health care programs we offer, with details of the marginal costs we handle, so that you can make that all-important, life-changing decision.  

Low complexity treatments and costs Ingenes

Low-complexity treatments such as artificial insemination and timed intercourse have a lower pregnancy rate and are generally recommended for young patients with a recent history of difficulty in having a baby.  

Ingenes costs go:

  • From $15,000 MXN in our branches in Mexico.
  • From $1,500 USD at our U.S. branches.

Highly complex and costly treatments Ingenes

The success rate of these treatments is higher and they are recommended for patients with different diagnoses, from conditions causing infertility to advanced reproductive age.

Here we find In Vitro fertilization and the ICSI and PICSItechniques.  
As the most efficient treatments, they are also the most expensive, these go:
  • From $70,000 MXN in our branches in Mexico.
  • Starting at $9,999 USD at our U.S. locations.
But this is not all we have to offer. 

Multicycle In Vitro Fertilization programs

Having a SINGLE chance can be too much pressure, sometimes affecting the outcome of a treatment, which is why we created the BEC, Bajando Estrellas del Cielo, and Your Star at Home programs.   
These programs increase the chances of having your baby by up to 96%, and the costs go up:
  • From $100,000 MXN in our branches in Mexico.
  • Starting at $12,999 USD at our U.S. locations.
They include from 1 to 4 cycles of In Vitro fertilization, so you can feel reassured that you have more than one chance to achieve it. 

See for details of each program and our financing options (exclusive to the US) here.

Somos la mejor opción para que puedas seguir construyendo a tu familia con un bebé en casa. Conoce más sobre la inversión en nuestros programas de fertilidad: • Ciclo de Fertilización In Vitro (FIV) con óvulos propios, comienza desde $81,900 • 1 ciclo de FIV con banco de óvulos nacionales incluido, comienza desde $99,900 • Planes multiciclo de Fertilización In Vitro, comienza el tuyo desde $164,900 • Estamos seguros de que podemos ayudarte a cumplir tu sueño, por eso te ofrecemos la opción de una garantía con costo adicional, para obtener hasta 100% de la devolución de tu inversión con nuestros planes BEC 3+ y BEC 4+ , acreditado por notario público.

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