Ovarian factors

There are various reasons that might be preventing you from achieving pregnancy, one of them being the ovarian factor, which encompasses any alterations in the ovulation process as well as hormonal imbalances, or ovulation disorders, among other medical conditions.

Main causes:

- Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS): The hormonal disorder causes cysts to form on the outside of the ovaries, increasing the size of the ovaries as a result.

- Amenorrhea: Is the absence of menstruation, which may be caused by different factors, such as the use of birth control and certain medical conditions.

- Anovulation: Is the failure to release an egg during a menstrual cycle.

- Premature ovarian failure: This happens when ovaries do not produce enough estrogen, and eggs are not released in a regular manner

-High Prolactin (Hyperprolactinemia): This means prolactin levels are too high, prolactin's goal is to promote lactation.

- Obesity: May interfere and negatively impact the ovulation process, which results in irregular menstrual cycles.

- Hypothyroidism: thyroid hormone deficiency may interfere with the release of eggs during menstrual cycles.

- Diminished ovarian reserve The amount of eggs stored in the ovaries is low.

- Poor egg quality: Eggs will not develop or mature adequately under certain conditions.

-Ovarian cysts: Solid as well as fluid sac cystic formations on the inside or outside of the ovaries.

Can I have a baby despite suffering from an ovarian factor infertility condition?

Don’t let this discourage you, whatever impediment or disorder you may face can be treated, and should not prevent you from having a baby. Let's keep in mind that with Ingenes each treatment is tailored for every patient, the most effective treatment, in this case, could be an IVF.

If ovarian infertility factors have stifled your motherhood, Ingenes can help you overcome the obstacles

Our team of specialists will guide you through the most important decision of your life.

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