Bioethics Committee

Our Hospital Bioethics Committees are at the service of patients, relatives, doctors, nurses and other professionals to regulate and resolve any situation arising in our practice or medical research, in accordance with the General Health Law.

What is Bioethics?

Bioethics is a branch of ethics that reflects, deliberates, proposes norms and public policies to regulate and resolve conflicts, especially in the life sciences such as medicine, including its practice and scientific research.

Bioethics serves to respond to multiple dilemmas that arise in the daily practice of health professionals and other disciplines, such as:

•Ethical dilemmas in the practice of health professionals.
•Conflicts in the doctor-patient-family relationship.
•Human intervention on the ecosystem and the life of living beings.
•Continuation or discontinuation of a treatment.

What is a Hospital Bioethics Committee and what does it do?

Hospital Bioethics Committees (CHB) are spaces for reflection, deliberation and education, where bioethical dilemmas that arise during medical care and teaching in the health area are analyzed; and they serve as a guide for decision-making by issuing recommendations under certain ethical values.

What are their main responsibilities?

•Problem solving arising from medical care.

•Analysis, discussion and support in decision-making regarding bioethical issues arising in clinical practice.

•Development of ethical guidelines and guidelines for medical care and teaching.

•Furtherance of ongoing bioethics education of its members and staff.
In addition, our Bioethics Committees seek to protect human rights, respect the dignity and privacy of individuals, avoid any form of discrimination, promote equity in health care with the highest quality, and conduct research on human beings while ensuring their integrity and well-being.

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With the integration and operation of our Hospital Bioethics Committees, we ensure that we maintain the highest standard of quality in the care of each patient and the various reproductive health services we provide.

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