Low-complexity treatments

As you may know, Assisted Reproduction treatments can be categorized by their level of complexity, the following will be a quick guide to help you understand the main differences between the treatments we offer and discover which one might be right for you!

What differentiates low-complexity treatments from high-complexity ones?

Low-complexity treatments, as the name suggests, pose a lower risk and are non-invasive procedures, as opposed to high-complexity ones.

With these kinds of treatments, the fertilization process takes place within the woman's body, with the help and supervision of specialists.

What kind of preparation does it take to perform a low-complexity treatment?

In both cases, high and low-complexity treatments require a previous stimulation as the first step to increase fertility through the administration of prescribed drugs.

On one hand, we have the option of timed intercourse, which is a matter of timing and synchronization enabling us to increase the chances of achieving pregnancy, while the second option is artificial insemination, in which we utilize a sample of semen and introduce it into the uterus to facilitate achieving pregnancy.

Let us help you find the best option for you with the guidance of our team of specialists

Are low-complexity treatments the right option for you?

These low-complexity treatments are often the first option for women and couples who have struggled to conceive, however a proper diagnosis is due in order to guarantee their effectiveness.

These assisted reproductive technology treatments are most recommended for people who may find themselves under one of the following conditions:


Alterations in the menstrual cycle

Mild endometriosis

Infertility due to unknown causes

Low sperm quality and quantity

Women under the age of 35


Remember that the most important step on this journey is determining the source of the problem, what could possibly be preventing you from achieving your dream? We'll find out together, and provide you with the most suitable assisted reproduction treatment.

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