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How to prepare for embryo transfer?

At Ingenes, we understand that the journey towards finding your baby is a unique and exciting experience. That is why we prepare so that each embryo transfer is not only a medical procedure but a moment full of meaning and hope.

From the moment you enter our clinic, you find an environment where warmth and empathy are as palpable as the science and technology that support our treatments. We observe a variety of emotions on the faces of those who visit us: expectation, anxiety, and above all, a glow of hope that illuminates the waiting room. These expressions are a reflection of the various paths that have taken our patients here, some perhaps longer or more difficult than others, but all with the same goal: the possibility of expanding the family.

Embryo transfer represents the culmination of this process, the moment where science and desire meet. It is a delicate and precise procedure, where embryos, carefully selected and cultured, are implanted in the uterus, opening the possibility of pregnancy and, with it, bringing a new life into the world. This process is the sum of advanced technology, specialized knowledge, and above all, a deep respect for your dream of being a mother.

We know that behind each transfer there are stories of perseverance, of challenges overcome and of a deep desire that motivates us to provide the best of ourselves. Therefore, we ensure that each step is taken with the utmost precision and care, from the preparation of the endometrium to the precise moment of the transfer, always under the guidance of our highly trained specialists.

What is embryo transfer?

This procedure constitutes the final step in assisted reproduction treatments, where embryos created in the laboratory are carefully deposited in the uterus, waiting for them to take root and grow over the next nine months.

It lasts a few minutes and is performed in a sterile environment, involving a team of specialists who guarantee care and precision in every detail.

Preparation of the endometrium: A decisive factor

Before the transfer, we confirm that the endometrium is optimal for receiving the embryo. Adequate preparation is key to success, and in cases of doubt, it is preferable to reschedule the procedure so as not to compromise the valuable opportunity for success.

There are two ways to prepare the endometrium: naturally or through a substituted cycle, each with its indications according to the patient's profile.

The decisive moment: The transfer

We perform a "transfer test" to anticipate any anatomical challenges, ensuring that at the crucial moment, everything flows perfectly.

Maximizing the chances of success

In Ingenes, we personalize the transfer for each patient, always seeking to maximize the chances of success. Before proceeding, we thoroughly evaluate the endometrium, hormonal levels, and access to the uterus, to ensure optimal conditions.

Tips before the transfer

Here are some general tips that, although common, should be personalized and confirmed with your specialist:

  • Keep a positive attitude.
  • Follow a balanced diet and avoid harmful substances.
  • Maintain a state of relaxation and well-being.
  • Follow specific instructions on hydration before the procedure.

At Ingenes, we pride ourselves on offering an outstanding success rate, thanks to the dedication and meticulousness with which we approach each stage of the process.

Our commitment

We are committed to accompanying you every step, providing you with the support and information necessary to travel this path with confidence and hope.

Beyond the procedure, at Ingenes, we firmly believe in emotional support as an integral part of treatment. We provide a space where you can feel listened to, supported, and accompanied at every moment. Our team is here to resolve your doubts, alleviate your concerns, and share your enthusiasm.

Discover the best treatment for you at Ingenes

Our mission is to help you make an informed decision about your reproductive health, we'll create a fully personalized treatment for you, and make your dream come true.
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