12 de April, 2024

International Recognition for Ingenes Guadalajara: An Achievement in Assisted Reproduction

At Ingenes, we firmly believe that behind every effort there is a story to tell and an achievement to celebrate. Today, with great pride, we want to share with you a recognition that reflects the commitment, dedication, and excellence of our team in Guadalajara in the field of assisted reproduction.

Recently, Ingenes - Guadalajara was awarded a certificate of participation by the Latin American Registry of Assisted Reproduction (RLA) and the International Committee for Monitoring Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ICMART). This recognition not only celebrates our contribution to the field of assisted reproduction but also our active participation in the registration and analysis of procedures at a Latin American and global level.

During the year 2022, Ingenes - Guadalajara reported to the RLA the results of the assisted reproduction procedures carried out, thus contributing to the annual analysis carried out by this registry on the use, efficiency, and safety of these techniques in Latin America. This continued effort, also undertaken throughout 2021, demonstrates our commitment not only to clinical excellence but also to transparency and the advancement of reproductive medicine in our region.

The RLA is a respected entity that plays a crucial role in the continuous improvement of fertility treatments, providing vital data that allows healthcare professionals to make informed decisions and improve the success rates of assisted reproduction procedures. Ingenes' participation in this registry underscores our dedication to being at the forefront of science and technology for the benefit of our patients.

This achievement is a reflection of the tireless work of our team in Guadalajara, who every day put their knowledge, skills, and heart at the service of those who dream of starting a family. It is also a sign of trust towards our patients, who can feel secure in being in the hands of an institution recognized internationally for its quality and contribution to the field of assisted reproduction.

At Ingenes, we will remain committed to our goal of providing hope and advanced solutions to everyone who chooses us in their quest to start a family. This recognition renews our commitment to continue improving, learning, and sharing our knowledge and achievements with the medical community and with all of you.

Ingenes Guadalajara Medical Team

We thank the RLA and ICMART for this recognition and we feel motivated to continue contributing with our grain of sand to the advancement of reproductive medicine in Latin America and the world.

Ingenes - Committed to your dream of being a family.

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