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Emotional support in an assisted reproduction treatment

Starting an assisted reproduction treatment can be unsettling, the process may involve a lot of ups and downs, and we understand. You may be going through a number of challenges that can make you feel alone, which is why having a support network of your partner, friends or close family members will be so important to keep you grounded and focused on the goal of having your baby, and to help you make the most of the transformative experience of becoming a mother.

If you are treated as a couple, your partner will be your main support


In case you are going through the treatment together with your partner, he or she will be your biggest support, one of the most important people who will be with you through the whole process.

Throughout more than 16 years of experience with all kinds of cases of people longing to become parents, we have noticed how important it is that the couple is 100% involved, being there for you in the consultations, the clinical analysis, during your stimulation, your egg retrieval and even in your transfer; this in case you are undergoing a treatment such as In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

We understand that facing an infertility situation can be overwhelming, and it may challenge your relationship in more ways than one, but you must not forget the ultimate goal: to have a baby that you will show the world to, a little person who will be made up of the best of each of you, and who will be the culmination of all the love and learning that you have forged throughout your life together.

Both of you should examine your reproductive health


Also, if your partner is a man, it is important to remember that in 40% of cases where couples have problems conceiving, this is usually due to a male factor, so if this is your case, it will be necessary that from day one your partner is present and fully involved to properly diagnose the reproductive situation of both of you, so that you can become parents.

While you will be the one experiencing much of the physical, psychological and emotional stages of this treatment, your partner will also be challenged, and sharing this will help you to feel accompanied. Having a baby is an experience you will both go through and their unconditional support will give you greater strength to take each step.

How to promote a better supportive relationship between you and your partner?

We understand that on many occasions you may not know exactly how to share the different situations you are experiencing, but there are some strategies that can help you:

  • Try to have fluid communication about what is going on with each other and what you are feeling.
  • If you need to, give each other space to analyse your emotions, so that you can talk about them afterwards.
  • Avoid assumptions and ask directly what each person needs.
  • Listen carefully to what the other has to say, before judging or trying to resolve a situation.
  • Respect the expressions of sadness or distress that both of you may experience.

Communication is key to getting through this journey together, you will both experience different situations and feelings, but talking about it directly and honestly will make it easier to resolve each issue.

Your support network is bigger than you think


Your partner is not the only person in your support network to help you on this journey, you have a multitude of people around you, such as family and friends, whose love and understanding will add strength and positively influence the success of your treatment.

We understand that, for many people, these issues can be difficult to discuss, but infertility is no longer taboo and is even more common than most would think, with 1 in 6 couples experiencing problems conceiving.

Talking about it with your sisters, your parents or your friends will help you to reduce stress, be much calmer and more relaxed so that everything flows in the right way.

Do you know anyone who has gone through something similar?

Along the way, you may have met one or more people who have experienced problems in having a baby, and they are also part of your support network.

Talking to people who have gone through similar situations, listening to their stories, their feelings, the challenges they have encountered and how they have dealt with them will help you a lot to give you a break, and to understand that this situation is not your fault at all.

Ingenes Emotional Support


If you are in the middle of a process of assisted reproduction at Ingenes, as part of your treatment, we offer you the emotional support service (SEI), in which we promote meeting groups with people who have experienced situations very similar to yours trying to have a baby. These are guided by our team of specialized therapists who, in addition, will provide you with more tools so that you can have the best experience when you become a mother.

You have already made the most important decision of your life by wanting to become a mother and fighting with all your might until you achieve it, but this is not something you have to go through alone. Your partner, your family, your friends and the whole Ingenes team, will serve as an anchor to push you forward until you have your baby with you.

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