14 de April, 2023

5 movies about infertility that you have to watch

According to World Health Organization (WHO) statistics, 1 in 6 people have fertility problems. This figure has led to a wide range of movies about infertility.

In this sense, the film industry has taken on the task of portraying different perspectives through stories that allow us to analyze a situation from a different point of view, one to which we should not be indifferent.

These films help raise awareness and educate about a topic that is still taboo in many societies, leading to the normalization of conversations about infertility and other conditions.

In addition to providing hope and comfort to people who feel alone in their struggle for parenthood, these films provide resources and support for those seeking treatment options and advice.

These are 5 movies about infertility that you have to watch:

Children of Men (2006)

A movie directed by Mexican filmmaker Alfonso Cuarón. The planet has gone three decades without the birth of a single baby in the world, society is in chaos, and a man fights to protect the first pregnant woman in a long time.

Up (2009)

In this animated film, fertility is not the main theme of the story. However, it is an important point to understand how a 78-year-old balloon salesman, who unexpectedly faces the greatest adventure of his life, acts and views the world.

Private life (2018)

This is a Netflix production about a couple who wants to have a baby, but the woman is over 40 years old and the chances of achieving it are reduced. Frustration and desperation take over their lives, failed attempts increase, and the situation jeopardizes their marriage until they find a solution that will change their lives.

Maybe baby (2000)

A movie that addresses the topic of infertility from an unusual perspective: comedy. It tells the story of a couple who, after resorting to different methods to have a baby, find a peculiar doctor who will make them see the process in a different way.

We Are Pregnant (Embarazados, 2016)

Continuing with the theme of comedy, this Spanish story is about a couple approaching their 40s who reconsider their future with the possibility of having a child. Things become complicated in the process as he has sperm problems and she is in pre-menopause despite being only 37 years old.

Raising visibility on fertility issues through cinema

Movies about infertility are a powerful tool to raise awareness about this reality and to provide support and hope to those experiencing it.

Through touching stories and authentic characters, these films invite us to reflect on the importance of empathy and understanding in the fight against infertility.

They show us that with the right help, support from loved ones, and the knowledge of professionals and specialists, it is possible to overcome this difficulty and build a family.

If you or your partner are interested in having children, don't hesitate to share your story with us here, so we can help you find the best alternative to make your dream come true.

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