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Egg Vitrification: An Option to Preserve Fertility

Egg vitrification has become a revolutionary technique in the world of assisted reproduction, offering a valuable option for women who wish to preserve their fertility for the future. This technique, widely used in specialized clinics such as Ingenes, allows women to make informed decisions about their motherhood, without the pressure of the biological clock.

What is Egg Vitrification?

Egg vitrification is an ultra-rapid freezing process that prevents the formation of ice crystals, which could damage the eggs. This method is effective in preserving the quality and viability of a woman's eggs, which is especially useful for those who wish to delay childbearing for personal, professional or health reasons.


Why Choose Egg Vitrification?

  1. Flexibility in Life Planning: Vitrification gives women the option to postpone motherhood without sacrificing the quality of their eggs, which is essential in a world where careers and personal goals play as important a role as family goals.
  2. High-Quality Egg Preservation: As women age, the quality and quantity of their eggs decrease. Vitrification allows eggs to be preserved in their optimal state, increasing the chances of a healthy pregnancy in the future.
  3. Safety from Medical Treatments: For women facing treatments such as chemotherapy, which can negatively affect their fertility, vitrification offers a safe option to preserve their ability to have children.

The Vitrification Process

The vitrification process is carried out with the highest technology and expert care. After ovarian stimulation and extraction, the eggs undergo a rapid freezing process. This method prevents the formation of ice crystals, which could damage the cellular structure of the egg, thus ensuring its long-term viability.

  1. Ovarian Stimulation: Medications are used to stimulate the ovaries to produce multiple eggs.
  2. Egg Retrieval: Eggs are carefully removed in an outpatient procedure.
  3. Vitrification: Eggs are quickly frozen and stored in optimal conditions for future use.

Benefits of Egg Vitrification

  • Fertility Preservation: Allows women to keep their reproductive potential intact, especially useful for those undergoing medical treatments that may affect fertility, such as chemotherapy.
  • Family Planning: Provides the opportunity to plan childbearing at a more convenient time, without the pressure of the natural decline in fertility with age.
  • Success Rates: Vitrification has shown significant success rates in terms of the survival of post-thaw eggs and their ability to be fertilized.

Who Should Consider Egg Vitrification?

  • Women who wish to postpone motherhood.
  • Those who will undergo treatments that may affect their fertility.
  • Women with medical conditions that affect egg quality over time.

At Ingenes, we strive to be more than a fertility clinic; We seek to be partners in our patients' reproductive journey. We understand that each woman is unique, and her path to motherhood is also unique. Therefore, we are dedicated to providing not only medical treatment but also comprehensive support and advice, ensuring that each woman feels accompanied, safe, and understood every step of the way.

Egg vitrification at Ingenes represents an opportunity to make free and conscious decisions about motherhood. It is a choice that empowers women, allowing them to align their family dreams with their life goals. At Ingenes, we are proud to facilitate this path, offering advanced technology, compassionate care, and a deep commitment to each patient's reproductive success.

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