30 de November, 2023

Keys to an Accurate Diagnosis in the Search for Fertility

The journey to parenthood is unique for each couple, and an accurate diagnosis is the essential first step. At Ingenes, we understand that every detail counts on the path to having a baby at home.

The Importance of an Accurate Medical Diagnosis

An accurate medical diagnosis is essential to chart a clear path in fertility treatment. Correctly identifying the causes of infertility not only makes it easier to select the most appropriate treatment but also gives couples a deeper understanding of their situation. This is crucial to managing emotions and expectations during this process.

The Five Pillars of Fertility

  1. Eggs: The quality and quantity of eggs available are vital for a successful pregnancy.
  2. Sperm: The health and mobility of sperm are equally important.
  3. Embryos: Fertilization and the early development of healthy embryos are essential.
  4. T Factor (Fallopian Tubes or Embryo Transfer to the Mother's Uterus): It is crucial for the fallopian tubes to function properly or for the embryo transfer to the uterus to be successful.
  5. Endometrium Receptivity: A receptive endometrium is essential for the embryo to implant and grow.

The Importance of a Timely Diagnosis

A timely and accurate diagnosis can be the difference between years of unsuccessful treatments and a successful path to motherhood. At Ingenes, 90% of our patients arrive after having gone through exhausting experiences, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, our focus is on avoiding the loss of valuable time and providing fast and accurate diagnoses.

Technology and Expertise at Ingenes

We have cutting-edge technology and a team of highly trained specialists in various areas of assisted reproduction. This allows us to offer a clear diagnosis and a personalized treatment plan from the first consultation.

Understanding and Managing Infertility

Understanding the causes of infertility and the details of treatment helps couples better manage the situation. At Ingenes, we strive to provide not only medical advice but also emotional support, so that each couple feels safe and understood at every stage of the process.

At Ingenes, your dream of having your baby at home is our priority. We understand that the path to fertility can be complicated, but with an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment, we are here to help you turn that dream into reality.

If you are looking to have a baby at home and want to better understand your fertility situation, visit Ingenes. Our experts are ready to guide you every step of your journey. Contact us today to start your path to parenthood.

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