6 de November, 2023

The Wonderful Science of Egg Donation: Beyond Genes

Egg donation is a gift of hope for many couples facing fertility challenges. But did you know that the mother's influence goes beyond genetics? Join us on this scientific and emotional journey.

What is egg donation?

Egg donation involves the use of donated eggs for conception, a valuable option for those who cannot use their eggs. But science shows us that the connection between mother and child is deeper than we imagine.

Beyond Genes: The Influence of the Environment

The uterine environment of the pregnant mother plays a crucial role in the development of the embryo. Factors such as nutrition, lifestyle, and even emotions can influence the growing baby, leaving a unique mark.

Epigenetics in Egg Donation

Epigenetics is the study of how the environment and experiences can alter gene expression. During egg donation, although the DNA comes from the donor, the surrogate mother can influence how this DNA is expressed.

The Egg Donation Process at Ingenes

At Ingenes, we understand the complexity and beauty of egg donation. Our process is not only guided by the latest science but also by compassion and comprehensive support at every step.

The Emotional Impact of Egg Donation

Egg donation is an emotional journey as much as a physical one. At Ingenes, we offer advice and support to navigate these issues, ensuring families feel complete and connected.

Egg donation is a window to a world where science and love are intertwined. If you are considering this path to parenthood, Ingenes is here to guide you.

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