25 de March, 2023

Infertility: Mom and CEO at the same time

Claire Tomkins was working in the energy industry when she started an In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) treatment. After six failed IVF cycles, three miscarriages, and finally, three children, her professional life took a turn.

What she went through to become a mom inspired her to found Future Family, a company dedicated to providing support to couples struggling with infertility.

"My personal experience inspired me to leverage technology and solve women's health problems," Tomkins shared with Fortune magazine. I always knew I wanted to found a company, but I didn't know it would be in the reproductive health sector."

Infertility drove Claire to fulfill her dream

Despite the obstacles and challenges, Claire managed to fulfill her dreams. And now, through the company she founded, she seeks to help people who are on the same path.

"My experience was isolated, lonely, and difficult to bear. So, while I was in my past job, where I was responsible for helping consumers finance solar energy for their homes, I thought a lot about how we could make access to fertility treatments much more affordable and accessible [too]."

Claire shares

Claire applied some of the same ideas she worked with in the solar industry to her company. Now her mission is to make access to fertility care easier.

The startup founded by Claire is dedicated to demystifying the fertility journey. "We're now at that moment where planning for your future family will become as common as planning to buy a house or your career," Tomkins told Forbes magazine.

Assisted Reproduction makes future planning possible

Future Family is a platform that provides support in different aspects of infertility. For example, it provides financing for treatments for women and couples so they can choose affordable monthly payments instead of a large upfront cost.

"I realized that women like me, who were focused on being executives in companies and starting their families after 30, would need much more support and services than the previous generation."

Claire affirms

Late motherhood: A rising trend

More and more women are waiting until their 30s to start having children.

While this can have benefits, including the opportunity to focus on their careers and relationships, it also has a significant downside when it comes to fertility.

"I'm encouraging all women to take advantage and start planning for their future, rather than waiting until it's too late."

Claire says

Claire's story is an example of how you can be a mom despite the challenges. And that even with obstacles, you can use them to achieve more dreams. Yes, we can.

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