7 de May, 2022

Ingenes Institute, recognized as a member of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce in Texas

Ingenes McAllen, our first branch to open its doors in the United States, was recognised as a member of the McAllen, Texas Chamber of Commerce, which represents the McAllen business community at all levels to encourage organizations that promote economic growth, innovation and development in the region.

What is the McAllen Chamber of Commerce?

The McAllen Chamber of Commerce in the US state of Texas was founded in 1925 with its forerunner, the McAllen Businessmen's Club, as the driving force behind the creation of the city in 1911.

McAllen Chamber of Commerce in Texas

Today, this chamber is the largest in a 15-county area, and is widely recognized as the most innovative, progressive and at the forefront of driving, creating and developing new entrepreneurial endeavours in the area.

Its main objective is to help McAllen's various strategic companies succeed and accelerate connections and networks between member companies, to boost the city's economy, its image, and thereby contribute to improving the quality of life for all its inhabitants.

How does it benefit the McAllen community?

Celebration of Mexican culture in McAllen, Texas

As a representative of the area's entire business community, the McAllen Chamber of Commerce serves as a catalyst to grow the economy through several key axes:

  • Advocate and promote business and community issues.
  • Fostering innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.
  • Market, publicize and enhance the image of McAllen as a community that provides opportunity and growth in the United States and Mexico.
  • To boost the commercial success of all member companies through various value-added programs.
  • Create, maintain and enhance key partnerships to grow the area's collaborative culture.
  • Increase the number of visitors to McAllen and create economic opportunities by boosting tourism.

Ingenes McAllen, Assisted Reproduction within reach of all women

Ingenes McAllen Branch

In April 2022, our Institute in McAllen, Texas was recognized as part of the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, joining more than 1,300 member companies that maintain the highest standards in each of their processes, guaranteeing products and services of the highest quality.

As the leading Institute in Assisted Reproduction treatments in Latin America, we are proud to expand our horizons to the United States, in order to help more and more women to fulfill their dream of becoming mothers, with the support of the great scientific advances that have been made in this field, and which are now even more within the reach of all people.

Higher success rate than any fertility clinic in the States

Our Ingenes McAllen branch represents a great opportunity for thousands of women who wish to have a baby but, for various reasons, have not yet been able to do so. Our success rates are the highest in Latin America and 10% higher than any other fertility clinic in the United States.

We are proud to enter the US market, starting in such a cutting-edge community with ample potential for growth at all levels.

Ingenes Member Plaque by the McAllen Chamber of Commerce

Being part of an organization as prestigious as the McAllen Chamber of Commerce is something that drives us to continue providing the best reproductive health services, and a sign that these types of alliances are key to continue expanding access to advanced Assisted Reproduction services to more and more people.

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