22 de August, 2022

REDLARA certifies medical practices and laboratory Ingenes

The Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction (REDLARA, by its acronym in Spanish) awarded Ingenes its 2022 Gold and Silver Seal for complying with the highest standards in medical practices and in the IVF laboratory, reiterating the commitment to provide Assisted Reproduction treatments of the best quality to each of our patients.

What is REDLARA?

REDLARA is the Latin American Network of Assisted Reproduction, a scientific and educational institution, which brings together more than 90% of fertility centers, institutes and fertility clinics that perform different Assisted Reproduction techniques and procedures throughout Latin America.

With more than 200 registered organizations, REDLARA catalogs all the results of Assisted Reproduction techniques that each of these centers reports, with the aim of promoting the specialization of the scientific community.

Follow-up at Ingenes Laboratory

High quality accreditation in Assisted Reproduction treatments

To promote the best functioning of each of the centers associated with REDLARA and guarantee the veracity of their shared data, this institution promoted an Accreditation process, which requires certain fundamental requirements such as:

• Comply with the health regulations of the country where you are located, as well as those requested by the network.

• Report the results of your procedures to the Latin American Registry of Assisted Reproduction (RLA).

Subsequently, the institution schedules an accreditation visit in which a series of requirements directly related to medical practices and the ability to perform quality treatments that lead to successful results for their patients are verified.

Storage of embryos and gametes at Ingenes Laboratory

REDLARA requirements for accredited centers

Among the multiple requirements that the accrediting institution requests, the following stand out:

• Ability to do micro-manipulation and perform Intracytoplasmic Injection (ICSI).

• Ability to perform cryopreservation or freezing of embryos and gametes (eggs and sperm).

• Mean success rate for In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) and ICSI greater than 10% in single embryo pregnancies.

• The rate of multiple gestation (gestational sac with cardiac activity at 12 weeks of gestation) should not be greater than 30% double gestation; and triple gestation should be less than 1%.

• Have an Embryology and Andrology laboratory.

Gold and Silver Seals for REDLARA Accredited and Associated Centers

Ara and her two babies with their doctors at Ingenes

The accreditation of a center is valid for 5 years. At the end of this period, you must have a reaccreditation.

Once the reviewed center meets all the requirements and has been approved by the network, it will receive the Gold Seal for Accredited centers and the Silver Seal for Associated centers, which are awarded annually.

Ingenes receives the Gold and Silver Seals 2022

As an Institute of Fertility and Genetics, at Ingenes we renewed our accreditation before the REDLARA, obtaining the 2022 Gold and Silver Seals, thanks to the fact that we comply with the highest quality standards, both in each of our medical practices and in the procedures carried out in our Andrology, Embryology and IVF laboratories.

Review and report at Ingenes Laboratory

The renewal of these accreditations is a recognition of the work of each of the scientists, doctors and expert professionals in fertility, who make up the Institute's team, reaffirming our commitment to providing each patient with the best Assisted Reproduction treatment in accordance with your case, that gives you the best chance of fulfilling your dream of having a baby.

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