Initial Program, the key to have a baby

Having a fertility diagnosis is the most important step to become a mom and discover the path that will lead you to your baby.

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We invite you to get to know our Initial program, , which will provide you with a fertility diagnosis carried out by our expert medical and scientific team.

You will have initial studies and you will learn about the treatment options we have available for you according to your case, and finally, what the cost of your treatment will be.

This is the beginning of the road to your baby.

What is included in the
Initial program for your fertility diagnosis?

  • Online Medical Advice
  • Face-to-Face Medical Consultation
  • Medical tests
  • Comprehensive assessment of your reproductive health
  • Fertility treatment proposal
  • Financial counselling and payment plans for your fertility treatment

Infertility programs and treatments we develop for you

How do our assisted fertilization programs work?

Looking for a fertility clinic to become a mother?

We want to get to know you, to know what your journey to becoming a mother has been like, if you have undergone any Assisted Reproduction treatment and the challenges you have faced.
Tell us your story!

Don't miss your fertility diagnosis!

We want to continue supporting thousands of women to achieve their dream of becoming mothers, so it is very important that you do not miss your Initial program, with which you will get your fertility diagnosis and the personalised option of Assisted Reproduction with the best chances of success for your case.

Time is precious when it comes to fertility, and your time to have your baby is today.
You will have fertility and reproductive biology specialists who have reserved time and space exclusively for you.
Your fertility diagnosis appointment could be filled by another woman who, like you, longs to become a mother.
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    Time is precious when it comes to fertility and your time is today. 

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    You will have doctors specialising in reproductive biology who have set aside time and space just for you.

  • Economic support

    Your appointment may be taken by another woman who, like you, is longing to become a mother.

Still can't have your baby?

In this free online class, you will learn how to have a successful assisted reproduction treatment, so you will know what issues to discuss with your doctors, wherever you choose to have your treatment.

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